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Craftgrrl - Where Crafters Unite!

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Crafts and DIY

Crafty People! Here’s the place to show off your work! This is a community based on sharing. We welcome everything crafty from collages and sewing to candle making and furniture design. Please tell us about your materials and process! Because we foster a safe environment, replies are most often positive. If you desire constructive criticism, it’s best to ask for it in your post.

Posting Policies~*~LJ-Cutting policy~*~Faq/Memories & Searching~*~Other LJ communities~*~ Non-lj Craft Links~*~Moderators

craftgrrl is a high traffic community. In order to reduce the volume, posts not following the guidelines may be deleted at the moderator's discretion.If your post has been deleted you may email the moderator to discuss it. Any further posts about the issue are inappropriate and will be deleted.

Posting Policies ~
We require tolerance of newbies and respect for everyone's opinion. This is not a place for fighting, spamming, flaming, prejudice, bias, or blatant negative remarks. If you continually engage in such activities, you will be banned from the community.

Posts about other LJ communities, sites, or functions are fine as long as they are in the diy crafty ideology. Please respect the work and rights of other artists by not asking us how to copy a specific craft person’s items or posting any published patterns with active copyrights.

Here on craftgrrl there is to be NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!!!

Posts violating this rule will be automatically deleted. We will strictly enforce this. This includes advertising, references to Ebay/Etsy shops and listings, selling journals, or on-line shops.

If you are interested in buying an item posted here, please check the poster's journal and userinfo for more information, and contact them outside of the community. If you can not find any information, you may ask the poster if they are selling the item. (This should be an absolute last resort!)

Images with WATERMARKS containing a personal or store name are allowed, but watermarks containing a website address or local store adress are not permitted. "Mary's Stuff" is okay, "marysstuff.com" is not.

If you're looking to sell/trade your crafts, please visit these communities.

Lj Cut ~
When posting large pictures (wider than 600 pixels), not safe for work pictures, multiple pictures, or long posts, you need to use the LJ CUT TAG. If in doubt, use a cut. click here to learn all about the CUT TAG.

Before you post a how-to-question, please skim through our faq/memories or tagssection. they are filled with wonderful ideas, tutorials, and frequently asked questions and may just have what you need. Also try searching through our older entries with lj seek.

Before posting "There was this one post about...do you remember it?" please try searching with lj seek first. It will help you search all our posts for keywords.

Communities created for specific crafts:
marble_madness ~For making marble magnets and like projects
craft_qs ~Crafting question & answer
handmadebooks ~For hand made books
stolensharpie ~A zine related community.
knitting ~a great knitting community, very helpful
crochet ~Crochet for everyone
stitchers ~Crossstitch, needlepoint, embroidery!
sew_hip ~Cool seamstresses
t_shirt_surgery ~Fun with T shirts
buttonmakers ~Buttons and badges
stamping ~Rubber stamping
pocketshrines ~Because they are cool
craftgrrl_uk ~For the grrls in the UK!
crafty_gifts ~A good place to look if your stumped for a gift.
scrumbling ~Freeform crochet community
stencil_swap ~ For... swapping stencil images
_stencilry ~For stenciling tutorials, how-to's..
diy_tutorials ~Self explanitory
mailart ~ Mailable art
artist_cards ~ For artist trading cards aka ATCs
weloveamigurumi ~ They love arigurumi.
handspinning ~For everything having to do with handspinning.
warp_and_weft ~ For weavers
bath_and_body ~ For DIY bath and body
soap_making ~ For soap makers

Communities for buying, selling, or trading:
~ indie_grrrls
~ ljswaps
~ trade_stuff
~ swapshop
~ ramshackle
~ diymarketplace
~ 000sellshit000

Crafting Instructions and Resources
Knitting Help: Knitting Videos and Instructions
Nexstitch: Crochet Videos and Instructions
I am in the loop: Crochet Videos and Instructions
This to that: Glue Advice
Joy Of Handspinning: Handspinning Videos and Instructions
Aunties Beads: Beading and Jewelry Tutorials
Knitting-and: Spinning and Dyeing Tutorials
Glass Attic: Polymer Clay Encyclopedia
Sewsing: Sewing Machine Videos and Tutorials
Cyberseams: Hand Sewing and Knitting Tutorials
Expertvillage: Sewing Machine 1001
Ravelry: A Knit and Crochet Community
Crochet Pattern Central
Sharon b's Dictionary of Stitches for Hand Embroidery and Needlework
Knitty: A Knitting Webzine

Moderators ~
If you are having any problems or questions, please contact a moderator. The contact information for our active moderators is listed below.


We reserve the right to delete posts or ban members. (We probably won't have to do that, but just FYI.)


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