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Christmas Crafts

Have you made any?

I made some Christmas cards for a collector group exchange, but all my cards were storebought this year. I'm so embarrassed ;-D

Heat embossing

My crafty friend and I got together yesterday and it was awesome. We tried heat embossing and did some cardmaking. I had tried embossing before with little success, but we took turns. I would wager my problem was static. My province is incredibly dry (I didn't experience humidity until I went to the southern US in my early 20s :-D). We ended up using a glass dish instead of a plastic try and had much better results.

The only embossing powder I had on hand was red and green glitter embossing powder. I'm going to buy the regular stuff and see if that works better. Even the parts not stuck to Versamark ended up bonding with the paper. At least by the end of our tries we had improved!

The Fibre Shindig

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Yesterday Mom and I went to a bi-annual fibre festival called The Fibre Shindig. I have been wanting to go for years, but, as you can imagine, it's a pretty dangerous place. I don't need more yarn. However, TECHNICALLY I didn't buy new yarn. I just bought the supplies to make yarn ;-) I bought a drop spindle, merino wool roving and a cute bag.

Today I sat down to try out the drop spindle. The last time I did it was briefly as part of a textiles class in art college. It was relaxing and I did drop it a few times, hehe. The vendor who sold me the wool roving said that it was a gateway to buying a spinning wheel *gulp*

Fibre Shindig fun

October 6 - World Card Making Day

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Apparently today was World Cardmaking Day, so here's my contribution - I had some leftover cut up pieces of this Christmas paper from last year, tested out my new blizzard snowflake die on some Stardream paper and kind of threw things together. I feel like it still needs something, but there's definitely room to add a star maybe or a bit of green. Click for larger.

Tradel sewing machine embroidery

Years ago I took machine embroidery class for a school year.
That was not comuterized machine, is was regular tradel sewing machine that was operated by foot pedal.
Each piece represent different kind of stitch. Silk thread on silk fabric.

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Untangled :D

I enjoy spending quality time with my craft supplies as much as anyone else, but yesterday I spent a ridiculous three or so hours untangling a giant ball of tapestry wool. It was my own fault - I didn't organize as I went and many of the colours are very close. If it was embroidery floss I probably would have chucked it, but wool is crazy expensive, so I persisted. This taught me a lesson...but I also got to listen to a MCU podfic, so it wasn't that onerous :)

Yarn tangle


Still getting organized!

Finally, I'm getting to the fun part of cleaning up the basement - sorting the art supplies! The last time I really did this was years ago and I made a few YouTube videos about it. My, how things have changed.

I can't believe I acquired so many art supplies. I think I was addicted to them :/ I sorted all my markers, all my pencil crayons, bundled easily three dozen paintbrushes, gathered a whole mug of just pencils, counted two totes of fabric and at least three medium boxes of yarn. Although, I know there is more yarn squirreled away upstairs, hehe! Fortunately I'm just down to a plastic shoebox full of beads.

I think my problem was that I sorted everything into storage and I couldn't see what I had. For instance, all my markers were stashed in mini drawers on my desk. Out of sight out of mind. Or I couldn't find a paintbrush and kept buying them because they were in the paint box. Huh! I can't imagine that it worked against me so much.

This was the view as I sorted tonight...stay tuned!



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