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Crafty stuff!

Hi friends, I have wanted to post for some time, but I don't get to sit down at the computer much. The weather has been so blah here and exhausting, plus I'm prepping for a comic expo at the end of the month. I felt emboldened by my bird decorations and prototyped some unicorn ones. I was really surprised by how much work it took from sketch to finished product - now only did I have to choose the paper, but I had to figure out the right way to size everything to fit on a letter sized sheet. I thought I worked out all the kinks on the first try, but I didn't. Pics under the cut.

The meandering path to successCollapse )

Black Floral Wrap Dress

This is my newest sewing creation! If you want to see more of how I made it, you can take a look at the link below. Let me know what you think! This is the first time I've added a flounce to a dress.


Green Pencil Dress

My newest work dress!  I am really excited with how this one turned out!  You can click the link to see more about it!


The Deep V

This is my first plunging neckline dress I've made.  I'm really excited with how it turned out, the only thing I am not sold on is how full the skirt is.  Let me know what you think!  You can click the picture below to see more about the dress.

Maroon Criss Cross

This is the newest addition to my work wordrobe.  Really excited for how it turned out, click on the photo to see more.

... Is there any way to successfully use elastic with a non-stretchy material, aside from exposed elastic? It's confusing because it seems like no way would the law of physics allow for it, but searching for the query brings up websites where people vaguely act like there is a way, and I found a tutorial for sewing an elastic into a waistband and the pictures of the material sure didn't look stretchy to me. I need to make a shirt for a plushie, but I have to be able to get it over his head (or over his feet, if I choose to make a zipper for it instead). I already have the elastic, so I'm wondering if there's any possible way to make this work before I resort to taking the elastic back. I wanted a stretchy material for the shirt, but I could only find the approximate design I needed in a non-stretchy material. Sigh.

Scrap Lace Chiffon Top

From my 20 years of sewing, I have really accumulated a bunch of fabric scraps.  Starting now, I will try to get rid of my 2 tote-bins full of remnants/scraps.  Here is a top completely made from scraps, if you want to see more click the picture.

Valentine's Day Card Exchange

I had immense fun making these very pink Valentine's cards for a group card exchange. Each pony was hand coloured in different hues - pink, yellow, blue, purple, seafoam. Originally they were supposed to go on the outside, but I whoopsie measured. Still turned out great though! I made a purple one for myself and kept it - when making cards, it's easy to forget to keep a sample.

I made some special Valentine's day cards this year for a card exchange. I hope they have all been received as it was hard to sit on them so long! Each pony was hand coloured differently - yellow, blue, pink and even seafoam

My wool tapestry

Hi group, I realized that there were a few things over the years that I had not taken photos of and I remedied that. One of them was a wool tapestry. I made a little how-to video using a Martha Stewart loom kit and I may have cross-posted it here, but 2013 was a long time ago! I had it framed under museum glass and it still looks beautiful. Like all fibre folk, I regret not being able to touch it anymore :-)

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