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Untangled :D

I enjoy spending quality time with my craft supplies as much as anyone else, but yesterday I spent a ridiculous three or so hours untangling a giant ball of tapestry wool. It was my own fault - I didn't organize as I went and many of the colours are very close. If it was embroidery floss I probably would have chucked it, but wool is crazy expensive, so I persisted. This taught me a lesson...but I also got to listen to a MCU podfic, so it wasn't that onerous :)

Yarn tangle


Still getting organized!

Finally, I'm getting to the fun part of cleaning up the basement - sorting the art supplies! The last time I really did this was years ago and I made a few YouTube videos about it. My, how things have changed.

I can't believe I acquired so many art supplies. I think I was addicted to them :/ I sorted all my markers, all my pencil crayons, bundled easily three dozen paintbrushes, gathered a whole mug of just pencils, counted two totes of fabric and at least three medium boxes of yarn. Although, I know there is more yarn squirreled away upstairs, hehe! Fortunately I'm just down to a plastic shoebox full of beads.

I think my problem was that I sorted everything into storage and I couldn't see what I had. For instance, all my markers were stashed in mini drawers on my desk. Out of sight out of mind. Or I couldn't find a paintbrush and kept buying them because they were in the paint box. Huh! I can't imagine that it worked against me so much.

This was the view as I sorted tonight...stay tuned!



100% Legit Crafty Post

x-posted to loom_knitters

I was cleaning up the craft room and found this old project. I can't say what made me create it as it was a long time ago when I first got a Knifty Knitter. the bag was made from two strands of sport or baby weight yarn on the pink long loom and the handles were made on the blue round loom. I knitted a few rows and crocheted it into a circle. It's being finished up today to be donated to a thrift store. Unfortunately I don't have any littles in my life to give this to.

Loom knit bag
The best way a relationship can stay longer is when you both pour your heart out to each other, where there is no secret. You both know all about each other,you know you likes and dislikes.
Sometimes you spouse or partner might keep things from you and that not because they don't love or trust you, it might be that they don't think you can handle it or might even freak out. But you have to find out yourselves what they are keeping from you and why.
I one time hired a hacker softtechgeeks@gmail.com who helped me clone my fiance's phone, so i could listen to his calls, see his text and even his mail. That way it was like i knew everything he knew and i had to support him.
He is my man and if i don't look out for him, who will?


DIY flower drying

What do you think about my DIY wrapping gift skills? DIY flower drying are great for gift garnishes! Combine them with wrapping material of your choice and you’ll get an original presentation. My favorite wrapping material is tissue paper. It  is an incredibly versatile material. I regularly browse through gift packing supply for new colors. If you make sure you always have a few reams of tissue paper in the house, just pick up a few flowers few days ahead and let your creativity run free :) What do you think?

Cleaning out the craft room!

Hi friends, I'm so tired of cleaning. We had an unplanned home repair (to put it succinctly) and we ended up getting rid of a lot of stuff PDQ. We're still getting rid of stuff and this weekend I took up the challenge of cleaning out my craft room/office. The last time I did this was in 2010 - it was a major undertaking! This time it wasn't so bad, but once stuff comes out of storage for the basement, I'll be a lot choosier about what stays and what goes.

Have you cleaned the craft room lately? What crafts/interests have fallen out of favour? Any surprises or great finds?

Pantry design

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you some practical and artful ways to label Spice Jars and pantry. I’ve been preparing to  tackle with this in my own rental kitchen, where a variety of mass-market plastic bottles are jammed awkwardly in a drawer. First and foremost decide how you’ll label your jars – all caps, lower case letters – think it through and pre-write it out if necessary.  (This might sound tedious, but if you are taking the time to hand-label the jars, you will probably be annoyed if you don’t love the way it turns out.)

Choose a color or black or white – match it up with your kitchen or pantry.  I chose the black permanent marker because it looks clean and it shows up the best with a variety of colored contents.

Here is the result, Let me know your ideas and what you think?

Pineapple Tunic

I made it off this pattern: https://crochetkim.com/pineapple-cascade-baby-dress/

She was so excited to try it on and see it grow. I could have made the neck smaller but she can grow from dress to top.

Little Mermaid Costume - Self Drafted

One of my old coworkers' daughter was going to Disney and really wanted for her to have a cute costume to commemorate the trip! If you want to see more about how I made it, you can click on the image below!

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