Eve (chylve) wrote in craftgrrl,

gloves on 2 straight needles?

The hell you say! And not the ones in Knitty?
No, really. Pattern is here.
And pictures of the ones I made for my mom, turquoise and black, are

  Here's one before finishing. The two-toned thing was my personal touch to the pattern, just carried along a strand of turquoise crochet cotton with the black (and vice versa) and switched colors of yarn at the midpoint of the thumb. It's all garter stitch, too, so not only no DPNs, but no purling, so they knit up so very fast!
And here's one finished (well, except for that dangling bit of yarn at the wrist). They look much better in person and are surprisingly comfy.
Just thought there might be others out there who'd opt out of using DPNs if given the choice!
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