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fairy wing pictures and tutorials

I'm sure I made a typo or two and probably didn't word things clearly enough. Please let me know if you have any questions.

These are my latest wings:


What they look like on:

How to make:
Step 1:Cut out two pieces of cellophane in the size & shape of your wings
Step 2:Crumple and un-crumple it a few times (this make it looks more "real"/gives it a dragonfly wing look)
Step 3:Make a large V out of wire and shape that to be the top "vein" and make sure to leave enough extra at the bottle so that you have a little V under the center part of your wings (the little V is how the wings are worn. I like to make a V out of wire to slip down the back of my corset/dress/shirt instead of tieing them on with elastic/ribbons/whatever)
Step 4:Cut 6 (or however many you want) various lengths of wire for the rest of the "veins"
Step 4:Use duct tape to secure those smaller veins to the main one
Step 5:Cover the entire frame in duct tape so it doesn't have that gross metal look to it
Step 6:Make sure the cellophane is the same shape and size as the metal frame you have now created. If not then do any needed adjusting.
Step 7:Use a glue gun to attach the frame to the cellophane.


Before I burnt holes into them:

Using incense stick to burn holes:

close up of holes:

After holes:

What they look like when on:

How to make these wings:

Step 1:Shape your frame out of metal (I use the 14 gauge stuff that you can get on a big roll at Wallmart)
Step 2:(If you'd prefer to attach your wigs with ribbons or elastic then you can do that instead of this step)Cover the V with lots of duct tape and extra fabric (so that it's padded)
Step 3:Slip a pair of tights over the frame and cut off the excess(Keep in mind that if your frame is too large or tights to small they will just crush your frame)
Step 4:Pull the tights taunt and glue (or sew) them onto the frame so there is no longer a large hole where you cut off the excess tights
Step 5:Decorate to your little heart's content. I just used a hot glue gun to attach fake leaves and flowers as a center piece, orange acrylic paint to make veins and a stick of incense to make holes.

How to make these wings:
Step 1:Using only one piece of wire (or many twisted together for strength if you'd like) make a Large V and then bend over the tops so that it's wing shaped.
Step 2:Cut out fabric into the shape and size of your wings but make sure to make the top a bit larger so that you can do step 4)
Step 3:Lay your fabric down and then lay your metal frame on top of it.
Step 4:Fold the top edge over your frame (you make have to make many little cuts in along the edge of the fabric so that it can fit to the rounded shape of the frame)


What they look like on:

This wings are made the same way the red ones were. The only difference is that I didn't burn holes into them and I used glittery puff paint.


side view:

what they look like on:

How to make these wings:
Step 1:Cut the same wings shape out of posterboard 4 times
Step 2:Cut the same shape slightly bigger out of fabric 4 times (you're basically making the same wing twice)
Step 3:Make your frame out of wire
Step 4:place the fabric down first and the piece of poster board on top of it centered
Step 5:fold over the excess fabric and secure it with hot glue
Step 6:Once you have 4 wings made you're going to sandwich them together. Place one wing (fabric covered side down) on the ground, then lay your wire frame on top of that and then lay another wing (fabric covered side up) on top of that and use hot glue to stick them all together
Step 7:Do the same thing for the other side.
Step 8:I found that I then had a bit of a space between my layers because the frame was so thick. To make it look nice I filled it in with glitter glue (as you can see in the above photo)
Step 9:Decorate

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