June 29th, 2009


Some new earrings!

Well, I finally found my blowtorch and thought I'd try making my own rounded ball earring wires, because they look that much cooler than just cutting the end of the wire and leaving it like that. And they turned out great, I really think they make a big difference.

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Possibly over my head T-T

So I'm challenging myself in a big way; not only have I given myself a deadline of July 10th, but I'm trying a new pattern. Enterlacing; I've never done it before, and I'm working on making a cushion. The deadline is a friend's wedding and the project will be their gift. T.T Perhaps its what I need to finish a project though; my scarf should be done but its not (its been 3 weeks now) and I've moved on to this.
Here's the image from the book and how far I am now: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v716/Kytera/KnitCrochetYarn/TwocolorCushion.jpg


Over my head...more than likely.
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I just discovered this comm.:D

I knit, crossstitch, origami (origam?  What's the verb?), sew and draw a bit.  Currently, I'm sewing a rabbit pattern that I found in the memories section of this journal, and knitting a patchwork quilt that's been in-progress for the last year or so.

Here's a bookmark I made a while ago.
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Right, back to read FAQ section now.