June 28th, 2009

Summer Fun Purse

Summer Fun Purse
This delightfully fun bag began life as a vinyl tablecloth. With it's sea-side color scheme and two large inner packets; there's room for all your deep-sea adventures or your busy workday! Vinyl is a nearly waterproof, extremely resilient material; meaning that the weather doesn't have to control your life; or at least your stuff! :D

Worked mostly in the round, with contrasting patterns around the button, just to break up the monotony. I like this bag, and being all weather-resistant makes me happy. I'm really liking knitting with various kinds of fabric; it gives a strange textured look, and a really interesting feel.

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Silly - Kenigets

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Haven't had the urge to make any new jewelry lately, so when I felt the tickle of creativity this morning, I jumped on it! These are quick photos, I will take some on a model soon too. You can't really see how they hang when lying flat, but you get a basic idea. :)

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pregnant bridesmaid?!

I am going to be the matron of honor in an August wedding, but I am also going to be 7 months pregnant! Our dresses are from David's Bridal and luckily they let you exchange your dress for a different size if the first one doesn't work out. My original dress was a size 16 and I exchanged it for a size 22. It won't be in until the middle of July. So, my question is: Do you think I could alter the dress myself? I would hate to have to pay for alterations for a dress that I am only going to be wearing for a few hours...

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Rune Bag


All done!  Yay!  And I am very pleased with it. 

My mother bought herself a rune set and I decided to make her a bag for it.  I love the look of crazy quilting and thought I might try my hand at it.
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I've been sewing a bit lately. Both by hand and with my lovely new sewing machine.

bird pouch
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i'm also looking for other crafty blogs to read, everyone i find on lj updates for a little while and then they seem to stop. or even if your blog isn't on lj, send me there too. :D