June 25th, 2009

feeling stitchy


My friend's birthday was yesterday so I made her a little dracula bunny. (I feel weird about calling it Bunnicula because he looks nothing like the character from the books, heh) He's got pink little albino bunny eyes and tiny bead fangs. I want to make more of them, and tinier versions! Collapse )
  • ethora

I did it!

I finally created a 100% fair trade and earth friendly tree pendant!

Recycled sterling silver wire and CA botryoidal nephrite jade that was harvested (found, not mined) and cut by a local rock hound who uses biodiesel.

I was going to wait until after moving (we're moving in one week and I should be packing instead of creating) to make this piece, but I caved. :)
HaM Box-words

Casting problem

Hi, first time poster here.

I've begun to make resin gems, mainly for larp and cosplay. I have a cosplay project I'm working on that calls for a custom mold. I know Latex is one way to do it, but I'm having an issue with that. Every time ( I've tested it three times now ) I used the latex mold to cast my hair barrets, the rein doesnt release clean fromt he mold. It's sticky, and hasnt cured completely, and it just looks awful and gooey instead of crisp and clean.

I'm wondering if it's beacuse of the latex itself? and if it is, what ELSE can I use to make a custom mold for my resin casting?

thanks in advance , I hope some one can help.