June 24th, 2009

Mod Ducky

mod ducky As soon as I saw the pattern on this pair of socks, I knew that I had to buy them, to free them, to find the critter within. Everyone has heard of a sock monkey, but this pair just didn't say "primate". Thus, Mod Ducky was born.

This little critter enjoys disco, free love, and all things retro. He longs for a new home to celebrate his new form, and share his love for life! Howard would be proud.

The model for this piece is my younger brother, who I believe did an excellent job and is known for being particularly photogenic. He already has a lot of these little critters, but they're so fun to make for kids! I've given them out to kids his age, older, adults, newborns, ect. The first that I made for him, he took to the hospital with him when he had his tonsils out, and even the doctors loved it! They let him take it in with him after they had placed it in a germ-free bag, so that he could snuggle up and ease a bit of the fear that children oft associate with surgeries.

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I haven't been too busy lately. Long Island has been having constant rain for the past month and a half. Doesn't really make me feel productive, but I do get a lot more reading done.(snuggling with a blanket and a book is the best way to beat the rainy blues =])

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