June 22nd, 2009


keep rockin' and keep knockin'

Haven't posted here in a while!

Macaronie the Quadrobearis!

Bears already have four legs..What's so different about a Quadrobearis? Nothing! Just that they scuttle rapidly sideways and they can elongate their legs to catch and kill their natural prey, peanuts and jellyfish. You'd think that because they move like crabs, they'd be pretty slow, but you'd be wrong..very, very wrong.

Macaronie is actually more fond of peanut BUTTER as opposed to raw peanuts, and apricot jelly instead of jellyfish. He never developed a taste for those cnidarians, they were just too tangy for his taste buds!

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Travel gift ideas?

I need your input, lovely craftgrrl members. My brother in law is going to France for over a month and I want to give him a home made travel gift.

Last time that he went on a big vacation, I gave him a sketch book/journal, colored pencils and some pens for him to document his trip in.

I keep thinking of something that maybe he can read daily... something about seizing the day and making the best out of life, but not just a letter... maybe a little book of notes? I don't know...

He was in a motorcycle accident last August, so it'll be a year since it happened, and he's learned to just appreciate life that much more.

Thanks for any ideas!