June 21st, 2009

Ahmunna Eachoo

Glazed-over or possible over-glazing?

For those of you who also dabble in things related to polymer-clay: What do you use to glaze them?

I've been with Sculpey Glaze since I started playing around with these wonderful, colourful clays... but I have to say, the stuff is really starting to annoy me.
First thing,it's bloody expensive ($7.99 for a 1.2 oz bottle of the stuff from Michael's). Second, no matter how tightly I cap the sucker, it always seems to thicken up into a sludgey gunk. Sure, I can water it down, but I notice afterwards that it doesn't really cover as well, which usually results in a bottle working great at the beginning, then getting crappier and crappier as time goes on.

Finally (and this is my biggest issue), the glaze wears off!
Me, I'm bad for playing with my finished keychains and love rubbing them when bored (it's not dirty, I swear! I just like feel of smooth finishes) and I've noticed that the glaze will wear right off...making what's leftover look dull, dinged, dirty, depressing and slightly leprous.

Don't even get me started on how easily the stuff dings, bangs and scratches. I never thought I was THAT tough on my little critters, but they show wear and tear a lot sooner than I would've figured!

I checked back in the Memories section and noticed a few recommendations for floor polish/minwax polycrylic. I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I'm going to try my damndest to find some of the stuff... but I'm left wondering: What about all the older things I've made? Like I've said, I've only used Sculpey Glaze. I'm wondering what would happen if I use the new floor-varnish-sealer-stuff on top of the old. Has anyone tried something like that before?

I wouldn't think that there'd be any weird reactions, but my luck has not been dancing lately so here's to hoping that it doesn't bubble/froth/turn colours/refuse to cure when I DO give it a go.
And just so's it's not a bland, dreary pictureless-post:

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::Edit:: Thanks muchly to everyone for the help! I scoured high and low looking for some of the recommendations, but Murphy's Law dictated that I only be able to find a small can of Varathane clear floor finish! Ah well, if that stuff doesn't work out I'm hunting through the Internet instead!

Thanks again!!
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