June 19th, 2009


Mossaic coffee tables + wine corks

Hey all,

1) I want to do one of those coffee tables where you glue broken glass/stone/whatnot to the table then add grout-- one person I talked to said they put resin on top of the grout after it dried to make it smooth/shiny. Has anyone made one of these coffee tables? Any tips or hints you have? Resin or no resin?

2) Wine corks-- what can we do with them? My friend has a serving tray made by cutting wine corks in half and then hot gluing them down in a pattern. Does anyone have any experience with this or any good links? If so, how do you reccomend going about cutting the corks down the middle? Any other cool ideas?


glitter modge podge costumes?

Hey crafty ladies, I need your wisdom and guidance. :)

I'm a burlesque performer, and I have to make a most glittertastic silver costume for an upcoming show.
I'm totally inspired by this:
but can't possibly afford it.

I do, however, have this cheap satin corset from Ebay:

What's the best way to make it sparkle? I was thinking of using glue, Mod Podge and a ton of silver glitter. Or maybe glue, Modge Podge and a ton of silver sequins?
I'm worried about the glitter rubbing off... if I coat it with a final layer of modge podge, will that prevent flaking? When the Modge Podge dries, will the fabric be stiff, or will it retain some flexibility?

Unfortunately, bedazzling the hell out of it with rhinestones isn't an option, as I need to be able to hula hoop in it. (...Yes, you read that right.) I'm thinking rhinestones will create too slick/uneven a surface for the hoop to grip to, plus they might shred the hoop's tape. I think I might just have to put this to a test, though.

Open to any and all suggestions! I'm actually planning on doing this to a bra and panties as well... the bra should be able to handle whatever the corset can, but I'm not so sure about the panties, since the fabric is so stretchy.... thoughts?
I actually haven't worked with Modge Podge in a while, and have never used it on fabric, but I figured if there's anyone out there in internet land who would know what to do, they're probably members of this community. :)

Thanks in advance!