June 15th, 2009


I made some earrings!

I've been getting into making jewelry again, and I forgot how satisfying it is!

These are made with labradorite, moonstone and garnet. I love how these turned out, they look amazing when the light hits them and it brings out that inner turquoise colour.
Enchanting Labradorite Drop Earrings

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Moon's Creations

Stitch Wars

These pieces will be appearing at the Stitch Wars Show at Bear and Bird Boutique in Lauderhill, Florida

The main four from A New Hope. I didn't make droids. Their sketches looked stupid. (Best to avoid stupid looking when entering an art show.) I need to retake individual photos of these pieces to show off the details, especially on Chewie.

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Fabric Stamp Pad Ink

Greetings fellow crafters!
I've embarked on the journey to locate stamp pads which are suitable for fabric. i've looked into the memories and came across a post about Versa Craft ink pads, but my google hunting has led me to a bundle of sites which carry the product that i've never heard of. Has anyone here had any luck with a particular place of sale that I can trust to use online? I'd really rather buy in person with cash, but I know that craft stores and the supplies they carry are few and far between these days.. especially in South Florida. ((Michaels / Joanns / Pearls))