June 14th, 2009

my brain hurts

Hi, and some questions!

Hi! Been lurking a while, first time posting. I've got a couple of stupid newb questions if you don't mind?

I make little thingies like this out of Sculpey clay-

...but in all honesty, I'm a beginner. My next project idea is a simple jointed puppet/toy (for my own decorative use- not to be 'played with' as I know sculpey isn't strong enough for that). Usually, I sculpt things onto a tinfoil base...

Onto the questions. Say I want a piece to be hollow. I've heard here and there about people using a wax core and sculpting onto that so that, when baked, the wax will just melt and flow out leaving the hollow item. But I'm not sure- will the sculpey just collapse on itself during baking? Has anyone got experience doing this?

Second (and last, lucky you) question: for an unrelated project, I have a broken artist's manikin- one of the cheap unvarnished ones- and was thinking of customising it- as practice and to use up some leftover materials. Can you apply sculpey directly to wood and bake it? (i.e if I wanted to add facial features etc....) I heard something about boiling it instead of baking?

Seems like a nice community,  I hope someone here can help me! Thanks!

ETA: Just tested out sculpting over a wax base- it worked perfectly :)


My first house!

I closed on my first home on May 1st, and I've been gussying it up ever since. I'm way past due posting my results up here, but I've been posting the results up here: http://needyl.com/craft-type/operation-domestication

My goal is to buy as little new stuff as possible as a challenge to my craftiness. So, buying towels to embroider is fine, but I can't use them until they are embroidered. For furniture, it's garage sales, antique and thrift stores.

I still have a lot left to do, but here's what I've accomplished in the last 6 weeks.

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Busy Busy Bee

Here are some pieces I have been working on. I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions of a jewelry making class. ^^ And some might remember the Watchmen bracelet I was working on. It just never seemed to really come together. So I changed it to a necklace instead. Enjoy!!


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