June 13th, 2009

Spring Collection Pictures

Here are a few pictures from a recent photoshoot I did for my 2009 Spring Collection. Although it looks nice and warm in the photos, in reality, it was absolutely freezing cold and we were wrapping the models in blankets between shots.

Models: Hannah, Brianna and Sarah
Photography: Plastic Puppet
Hair: Cindy Earl Covic
Clothing, Accessories & Make-Up: Dilly Daisy

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Wallet crafter?

Um... If this isn't allowed please let me know I don't mean any offense.

There was a crafter on this journal that used to post the most beautiful vinyl Wallets, with skulls and bats and the like. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to find the posts or the crafter, can anyone help? It's been at least 6months maybe even a year since I've seen them, and my lj search is not coming up with anything of any help. I am apparently search challenged. :-/