June 11th, 2009

A guesso paint and rub on decal question. and a crafting lazy suzane

Would rub on transfers transfer well onto wood that's been layered with layers of guesso, sanded painted and finally the decal is the last step?

Also has any one else ever made lazy suzans for crafting? They're those things in the middle of a table that spin so every one at the table can reach the condiments. I was thinking, Have me one of those, put the little doll tables up on it, paint all four sides and the feet first, and paint the top last.

Twinkling H2O's

Hey all!

I've been a chronic lurker for a while now ... haven't had much chance to do a lot of crafting, except with my Cricut (making cards), but I *am* working on a small art piece to go on one of my (bright) yellow walls. It's a collage/mixed media piece, and I've got this idea twirling around in my head ... I want to use shrink plastic and those beeeeeeeeautiful Twinkling H2O's, so I was wondering if anyone who does shrink plastic had ever tried this or knows of tutorials or anything like that?

And so this not text only ... here's one of the cards I recently did:

Thanks in advance,
Laura in 'bama
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Intrest in Beaded Coasters

Hey all!!!

I want to show off my Beaded Coasters

I take old used CD's and glue seed beads onto them.  It's very labor intensive, but I love making them. 

Here's some examples of ones I've made for a couple of craft swaps.  I would like to make more, I just haven't had the time to hahahaha!!!

I find the best way to make these is to keep the image simple, and if you can, have a hard outline.  It makes the filling in part easier!