June 10th, 2009


I need Help

I want to learn how to attach metal to metal. But I want to do a specific kind of soldering. I have seen so many amazing lockets and pocket watches with other little metal embellishments on them. Were these soldered on? If so, can someone direct me to a how to site or a book on the technique that would give me a list of supplies? I would greatly appreciate any direction you guys have.

Over It

Idea Fishing!

I thought I’d fish for some ideas from all you crafty peeps. I have a metal sunburst that I have painted with gold metallic paint. It looks great. However, it’s a bit “too perfect” and I want to rough it up or weather it a bit. I saw some people on tv do this to furniture by beating it with a chain … which turned out great but which would probably destroy my fragile sunburst!

Has anyone had good luck with other techniques?
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Hi there! First post.

This is my first post in this community though i've been in it for years and have always enjoyed reading the crafty projects you all share!

I started making soap when i was little, i made those melt and pour things you could buy in kits or at the craft store.
I always wanted to try making soap from scratch though. It seemed waaay more satisfying to completely create it, instead of basically just remolding it.

While i love the look you can get with melt and pour, i love the science in Cold Process Soap Making!!
It rocks, i love it. lye is dangerous so it just makes me feel like a bad ass, too :D

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I REALLY hope you enjoyed looking at my soaps! Straigh up soap porn, i know. haha!
Let me know if soap isn't allowed?
I make it all from scratch using mostly Olive oil, coconut oil, sometimes hemp and sweet almond oils.
I also add fragrance, mix in the oxide colorings, and then have to cut and trim each bar as well as wrap it up! Lots of time and work in these babies. :D

stiffened tulle


So I'm doing some set dressing and I bought a bunch of tulle to drape around. I want it to sort of stand up, billowing around like a fog or cotton candy-like nest. What is the best way to get it to stiffen up and yet be pliable?

I was thinking of making a homemade starch out of corn flour and then spraying it when it's time to dress the set. I have a few hours so it can dry but do I need heat? Like, a hair dryer? Or would this absolutely not work at all and there's a better way to do it?

aww... nuts!

Long time lurker...

I'm planning on making and selling home made nut butters (food is crafty, right?) in pretty decorated containers. I'll be doing this locally because shipping food is risky and it's just for fun/money on the side.

I know that grocery store nut butters can cost anywhere between 6-13 dollars in Montreal which is why I've started to make my own... I was wondering how much I should ask for an 8-10 ounce jar of nut butter? I'd adjust prices according to expense of the nut (like hazelnut butter would be more expensive than plain ol' peanut butter).

Also, I've never sold anything I've made before... Any tips or suggestions?

I know we can't make selling posts, but I'm not selling anything... I just want to make sure I'm not venturing into this blindly and then I'm knee-deep in nut butter and trying to eat jars and jars of it because I couldn't sell any. Is this even a project worth taking on?

I'd really appreciate all the help I can get.