June 8th, 2009


Ewok Sock Puppet Craft

Ever lose a brown sock in the dryer? Now you can put the other sock to good use by turning it into a cute Ewok sock puppet! No sewing necessary! You're basically crafting an Ewok hoodie for your sock puppet. All you have to do is grab a brown sock, fabric glue, felt, googly eyes and you'll have your own Ewok to put on Star Wars puppet shows!

Learn how to make your own Ewok sock puppet with this easy craft by Terri Hodges!

Get all the instructions here:
Ewok Sock Puppet Craft (via Starwars.com)

More Palahniuk Quote Jewelry...

Since I got such positive feedback on my other Chuck Palahniuk bracelet I made a couple more... and a necklace!!! They are very similar to the first one but slight details are different... I have an idea for at least 1 more and then it's on to the next topic (any good suggestions?) when I get a few more days of free time and some more supplies... and thank you guys for all your positive comments it really motivates me to keep making new stuff! :-)


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Casting Resin Question

Hey all!

I really want to experiment with using clear casting resin to make some pendants for necklaces, but I'm not sure what products to get, where (maybe Michael's?), and what the range of prices are.  I'm also not sure what is the best way to create a cast.  Any suggestions of all varieties would be most helpful!  Thanks!  :)
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nervous first post

I just made a card and wanted to share. Hope you guys like it.
I have extra high quality card paper left over from making wedding invitations, and thank you cards.
I bought a destash box off etsy and used objects I found in it: the small remnants of light pink ribbon, the dark pink tatted lace, and finally the feathers. The feathers were hardest to do.

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