June 6th, 2009

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Crane ring!


Made a pair of crane rings! I used silver for these. I first made the cranes out of wax sheets and took it to the caster, where they transform it into silver. Since they were so fragile it came back broken once, but the second time they were in perfect condition :D The chain can be hooked onto the other side of the wings of each ring so they can be worn separately.
I have more jewelry @ my blog -> choco loop!

Mala 2, Electric Boogaloo.

The mala for my co-worker would be a working mala, meaning he is an actual Buddhist who would be praying on the beads. So, a different color bead wouldn't help him at all. He needs a different sized bead to demarcate the different prayer sections. Plus, the other mala was somewhat small for a man's wrist.

Again, thanks for the advice and also somewhere to bounce ideas around.

Mala 2

✄ Lots of stuff!

I have been a JEWRY MAKIN FOO' these past few weeks! It's my first time making my own jewelry.. and I absolutely love it. I'll post my favorites first... to suck you in >:D

These took me hours attaching all the tiny things... but I love the way they match my hair color and outfits!

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Hope you enjoyed! :]
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Does anyone know when the next pattern sales at Jo-Ann Fabrics are? I think my coupon booklet keeps getting taken out with the newspapers. :(

A recent project so it's not text-only.
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Thanks for your help!

I did a test project in regards to the pour on gloss and stickers/.

I  chose a couple of stickers that I didn't care if they got ruined, and then I poured the gloss in and set it up. It's hardeing right now. We'll see what it does in the 74 hours it says it'll take to completely harden, but so far, the stickers do not look to be ruined, or that they w/ill ruin.

I also did a test on a rub on decal, to see if the gloss would damage the decal, and now all I have to do is just keep checking it. I will watch it for several months to see if not only immediat to almost immediat ruin is happening but ruin after say 4 months happens.

I would have pictures for you, right now, but I left my camera in his car and he took it and my shoes, which were also left in his car to work with him
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How do you store sensitive stuff in a non temperate controlled room with out ruining them?

We have a huge garage, and the heat temp changed dramatically day to day week to week and situation to situation. I noticed that it may be making my rub on transferes reluctant to transfere as easily and it certainly wuold affect all my liquid paints.

Now I can not put them somewhere else, and still use the space they're in as a craft space. So how do I protect them and keep them in the garage?  Could I  get a cheap styrafoam ice box and put them in there, or maybe even a mini fridge, kept really really warm, but not so warm the stuff is bothered?

Also how can I store all my stickers and rub ons and stuff so they're in one spot, but not in a jumble and easilly accessed? I was thinking of putting them in a binder, but then how they'd stay was an issue, and then I thought I'd custom make a holder out of file folders.

Also so I can take pictures of my crafts better and in a more organized way, I am going to build a cuomized photo rack that has tiers, like school photo bleechers did, and that will fold up to be  more compact and put away'able when not in use.

For those of you bugged by me asking so many questions, this is my last one for a long while I prommise and next time I'll try to condence my questions into one the first time, not after being asked or reminded.
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I haven't posted on here in a very long time! I've devoted most of this past year to my schooling, and now that I have graduated teacher's college (and am unemployed, I might add), I can bead and bead and bead... Here is a batch of earrings that I made last month. I should take some pics of my latest jewels to share... maybe later this week! Enjoy these, starting off with a close up...

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