June 4th, 2009

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Questions on spinning...

You guys are always such a help! :)

Okay, for the fiber-artsy-folks...

...say I have some other fiber. Like coyote fur, donkey fur (if that's even possible? it's so much like hair), dog fur, or tanuki fur. And I want it spun to make string/yarn for necklaces.

How much raw fiber do I need in order to get a good amount of yarn/string/braid/whatever? Say at least one yard, though preferably a few yards. AND is it possible to "draw it out" (if I'm short by a few ounces) by mixing it with wool?

Also, it may seem straight up but I'm asking just in case... once I get to the string/yarn part, I pretty much just cut it where it needs to be cut right? Then crimp the end into a metal necklace-bit (that latch part... guh, I need to learn this terminology!). Right?

Alice Bag.

My cousin asked me to make her a bag and I finally had the time to make it yesterday. I combined and tweaked a few patterns from some sewing books I had to create this one. I haven't made a bag like this before, so it isn't perfect, but I still think it turned out pretty well. I tried out several things I hadn't done before, like pleats and zippers.

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fruit baby..

i made this for a baby shower.
the carriage is a watermelon..
all of the items are fruit, the bonnet
thats a romaine lettuce leaf..anyone looking for fruity ideas,voila!

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