June 2nd, 2009

Easily distracted

Not safe for work!

By the way, don't click the cut if you're at work - boobies ahead! Or, rather, a boob. A crocheted boob. But still, I can see some work places frowning on (oh goodness I just made a Freudian typo... I was going to type 'on the whole thing', then decided to change it to 'on it', but didn't quite backspace far enough... go ahead, imagine that... you got it!) it.

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Hello everyone! I found this community a few days ago, and I think its awesome. So many talented people! Anyway, I'm learning to sew and I just finished making a tie purse from a cool book called Sew Everything Workshop:

I got the material from an old vest and it came out pretty well. Now I'd like to try making a more professional looking bag, preferably out of this material:

But I'm having trouble developing or finding a design thats big enough to hold papers, but still looks both professional and cool. And that a relative beginner can make. Any ideas?


To the machine embroiderers out there: design sale alert!

Been a while since I posted here, and I apologize for not having anything right now to post (I put up my FSM CD holder somewhere else, but because I used a tarantula in the photo, it was not well-received, and the craft was a gift, so it's gone and I can't redo the pics sans spider). 

I would like to mention that, if anyone here has an embroidery machine, Urban Threads is having a design sale through the end of the month.  The designs are all 50% off.  (I am in no way affiliated with Urban Threads, except as a happy customer, and Urban Threads also has hand embroidery templates, and digital stock art, of the machine embroidery designs.)

Because that's all of what I've been doing lately: machine embroidery on baby stuff for my market table.  It all looks so retail, I don't want to post it here.

I've also just subscribed to DesignsBySick for 6 months - that's unlimited downloading of all designs on their sites. They're also having a sale on design sets, and many of them fit the 4"x4" hoop that seems to frustrate home embroiderers who don't have larger hoop sizes or software to cut larger designs down for multiple hoopings.  Their sets are going for $2 each - that's $2 for anywhere between 5 and 10 or more embroidery design files!  a lot of it's cloying and cutesy, but there are some gems in there.  Just a note: I'd stay away from the dream catchers designs - for some bizarre reason, the machine has to do the same outline 9 or 10 times, making for a really thick mat of threads. Not worth the aggravation.  Everything else I downloaded is great, though.

Say it "oo koo lay lay"

Gramma gave me this ukulele before my 21st birthday. Sadly, she passed away the month after. I wanted to rework it, and I did just that.... Going thru my mom's garage, I found not only MY ukulele from Gramma, but another one, almost identical, so I'm interested in hearing some ideas as to what to do with the second one, if anyone wants to brainstorm with me!. 
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Socks! (pic-heavy)

Hello, people! I'm a member of this community on a different account, but very rarely participate despite being very crafty - started this account as a dedicated craft blog, so hopefully will be around more. :)

I recently started knitting socks - I started about a week before Easter, I think. These are all the ones I've done since then. They're all from the book Knit Socks. I just got another book, though, and have been checking out patterns online, so should have some variety soon...

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That's all for now! I think I may be obsessed...
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