June 1st, 2009

Unique Project ideas

I having an "open" art class this summer, of course money is next to nothing but I need some new ideas for projects.
My categories are: Multi-media, fibers/jewelry, Painting, drawing, 3-D.

Any ideas or websites for ideas would be awesome! :)

foam koozies

Has anyone here ever done anything with foam koozies? I keep seeing them at Michaels and really want to somehow put my drawings onto them, though I'm not really sure how. The only think I can think of is screen printing them on. If anyone has any ideas, or if anyone has ever done anything with koozies, please let us know!

(no subject)

My last post was asking about making a "money tree." It was my boyrfriend's birthday. He wanted to finish his half sleeve. I wanted to give him money in a neat way. Instead of using a tree branch and attaching money, my brain came up with this!

p.s. He wanted "a tree, with a white fence, sky, clouds"

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