December 11th, 2004

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i'm making my sister a sign for christmas.  it's probably 8x12 inches, wood... yeah.  so i want the sign to say something about dreams.  long story short: my sister always used to say she liked to take naps because she liked dreaming.  it became an inside joke.  so now she's away at college... living her dreams, so to speak.  i thought i'd make her some type of inspirational sign to hang above her bed.  i was thinking it could say "i dream here" or "this is where i dream" or "dreams made here".  i'm having a hard time deciding what sounds better.  each time when i think one sounds the best, i get second thoughts.  i guess i just need some second opinions.  i promise i will post pictures when it's done. 

and because looking at pictures is fun....

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Using coupons

For the JoAnn's in-store coupons that are sent out in the emails, would I have a problem trying to use a couple copies of the same one in the same day. Not during the same transactions but having my mom or someone go through the register too.

I know people share the 40% off coupons all the time and I'm guessing there's no problem but this is for one day only and part of me is paranoid that flashing red lights will pop out and sirens with blare when I try to use the copy.

Tell me I'm being crazy :D
off with their heads!

cardboard + masking tape = fireplace (honest!)

my dolls decided they were going to need a fireplace for their christmas festivities. and who i am to deny the request of a plastic person. so out came the cardboard and masking tape. its not exactly 1:6 scale but its close enough. its just a really huge glamourous fireplace of doom - no wait - cardboard.

all shoddily assembled from carboard scraps and a ton of tape.

now just add some paint and some paper and voila Collapse )
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first entry

I've been lurking for quite awhile and just due to time constraints and a lack of a photobucket account (until today) I have not posted any of my projects. Well, today that changes! Yay! I am so excited to share my projects! Please bear with me as I try to figure out how to post a pic under a cut. It might take a try or two, sorry. This is a necklace I custom made for a friend of mine. The necklace itself was my design but I had her choose her clasp. I typically would use a lobster claw or something of that sort, myself. But once the silver gets a little more aged the toggle clasp she chose should match just fine I hope.

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Paint on furniture.

I know how to sand and prime the brown table and chairs I'm going to be putting in my dining room, but I want to know how to make the top look really good. I want it to look nice and sleek. Now, can I get this effect with paint and roller (I have the right paint, I'm using it on the chairs because I HATE spraypainting chairs) or will I need to go for a spray paint? I don't like spraypainting, I have asthma, so I am no good at it. Should I get a good mask and suck it up, so to speak?

Stencil Help Needed

Hi everyone.

I'm new to the community, and basically, the crafty world in general, and I need a little bit of help.

I want to stencil my boyfriend a shirt for Christmas, but I can't find a stencil that I want to use.

Do any of you know where I can find a stencil for the band Amber Pacific? Or could anyone possibly make me one? I would love you forever and a day if any of you could help me out.

And so this isn't text only...

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i haven't any idea whether i've ever introduced myself....

hi, i'm annie. i like to make things.

so if you were making your financially inept boyfriend a papier-mache piggy bank for christmas and wanted to paint it fun colors, what kind of paint would you use?

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addendum: i did check the faq/memories but all links/pictures that may or may not have been helpful were not in working order.
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just got back from a ross shopping trip, i wanted to let you guys know they have a toy pottery wheel, sewing machine, and potholder makier thingys for VERY Cheap. i really think i might go back and get the pottery wheel.
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what would work best to jazz a mug that is already glazed and fired (as in a coffee mug bought from a store?)

I'd like to be able to drink out of it, but if not I might just decopauge and use it as a planter.

thanks for any ideas.

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the "Marian Martin" box

roughly 6x6 square paper mache box.
includes vintage patterns on the inside, and a vintage pattern mailer from marian martin in the top and inside cover. metallic blue on regular blue stripes, with purple yarn strung through. [the yarn slats on the inside can be used to hold letters or pictures in place, and on two top corners it can actually hold up those hook kind of earrings. unfinished wooden "feet" on the bottom.

Help!- gift ideas for stampers and card-makers.

I'm doing a crafty Christmas/Yule this year. Most of what I'm doing is painting- "when I close my eyes, this is the you I see" sort of things. I'm also going to try to make a duct tape bag for my sis- I promise to post pics when I can. But here's what I need help with- I need to buy a gift for a cousin. The only time I see her is Christmas and family reunions, and of course, she'd the one I drew for our gift exchange. I know she's into making her own cards and stamping. She's been doing it for a while. I'm at a complete loss. Any suggestions would be appreciated... Thanks!!!

Just for fun, here are a few pics of what I did for a show- the waterfall actually worked with water flowing, the tree was climbed on by many a castmember.

Gel Candles

OK, so Ive been asking lots of questions about the gel candles lately..but still...its not coming out right. We've tried dipping the embeds in the wax, throwing the embeds in (non wax covered), puttin the embeds when we pour the wax in, waiting til the gel semi solidifies and then puttin the embeds in, waiting til the gel is set and pushing the embeds in, pourin the gel semi warm, pourin the gel scalding hot, pourin it in the center, pourin from the side, heating up the candle in the oven for hours after...and still...TONS of bubbles. These are all for xmas and nothin is coming out satisfactory to my liking. WTF am I doin wrong?
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i have fallen in love with Collapse ) scarf and would like to try it myself but i am not sure how it is done.

i know that there are sequin strands and a stripe of velvet ribbon. would i just weave i both of those in?

please help! thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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