June 1st, 2004

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I made some bookmarks for my teachers! (I'm still not sure who should get what... =O though)

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Now I just have to figure out who gets what: English, Latin, German, chemistry, and math.. Oh and my Science Olympiad forestry coach! I didn't make one for my psychology teacher because he was only my teacher for a semester (and I don't think that a lacey bookmark with a charm was appropriate for a boy teacher..) He's my math teacher's husband, I hope she wont mind! =D

I'm giving them out tomorrow.. I hope none of them have livejournals! =P

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Third times a charm. Each time I tried to post this, my computer said "oh no" and shut the window on me.
A few days ago someone posted a picture of the table they painted. It brought back the paintingness inside of me.
Does anyone know any average ever day around the house items I can paint with acrylic paint?
I've got the paint, but no money to buy anything to paint and i've got the urge BAD to paint.
Also..my boy and I will so be painting our own table as soon as I get some money....weee
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stitching opinion needed

Hi all, I am looking for an opinion. Say you have never, ever done any kind of needlework before but would like to start. What is a good form of beginning needlework? Online, I have been looking at counted cross stitch, stamped cross stitch, no count cross stitch, needle point and plastic canvas cross stitch. I can't tell which one would be best for a true beginner. Any thoughts?
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not sure if it is safe

so, I've been making records bowls where you melt a record in the oven (I usually put it at 145 degrees F) and then mold it into a bowl by either placing it over another bowl or just trying to form it myself. I've made quite a few, and would love to teach this craft to children but first....
anyone know if melting records is hazardous to ones health? (releases gasses, etc?

Digital Photo Prints

I want to print out some of my digital photos for a photo collage I'm working on. However, my printer sucks and ink is expensive. Where do you ladies go to have prints made of your digital photos?

I've been trying to price check and compare, and I wonder about quality. I've also heard that at some places they will lower the price per print for a large quantity of pictures...

Generally I have been finding that 4x6 prints can be pretty cheap (24-29 cents), but there is a huge increase for 5x7 (75-95 cents?)

I'm an American, if that helps. I have local Walmart, Wegmans, Eckerds, CVS, etc. I am not adverse to ordering prints online, either, if shipping is not too bad.
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Fish tank question

Hello all. I searched the FAQ and found nothing of help, so I need to ask a question of sorts, referring to safe decorations for a fish tank.
I want to make a figurine of a camera or sync slate (I'm a filmmaker, so sue me) to put into my betta's tank with him. I'm not sure how to safely seal clay or Sculpey so that it's okay to put into the water with my fish. He's adorable and bored, so if anyone could offer suggestions on how I can bake and seal clay or something along those lines, I would love you forever... and Rosco P. Coltraine would be grateful for a nice new ornament in his tank. :)
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(no subject)

I have an old rotary phone that I got for a $1 at a flea market a couple years ago. It looks just like this:

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I have an old rotary phone that I got for a $1 at a flea market a couple years ago. It looks just like this:

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Since everyone who lives in my house has a cell phone we got rid of the land line, so I have no use for it anymore. I was hoping maybe to come up with something crafty to do with it. Any Ideas?

A dumb question

I am not as nearly as creative as most of you people on here. But I've always been intrigued by knitting. Can anyone give me any pointers such as where to start? Would it be hard to learn on my own? And where would be some good websites to start etc..? I don't have time for classes and such in between work and school but I thought it'd be a great hobby to take up. Any ideas, tips, tricks.. and where to start would be greatly appreciated.

T.I.A. (thank you in advance)
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making jeans larger

Hi, this is my first time posting here, but I've been lurking for a couple weeks now. Right now I'm trying to alter an old pair of jeans that have gotten too small for me. I have two strips of heavy ribbon that I want to use to make insets on the outside of the legs. The problem is, I don't know what to do about the waist band. How can I make it larger? Should I just cut straight up the sides and use the ribbon to expand that as well? If I do that I don't think the ribbon will be quite long enough to reach the ankles. I could really use some creative ideas on what to do with these!
Thanks girls! :)
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attn: crafty chickas in the DFW area

this is a public service announcement.

I'm currently organizing the first of what I hope will be many DIY Fashion Shows/Crafty-Sort Expos for people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that design their own clothes, housewares, accessories, blankets, bags, etc.

Goal is to host the show in August, somewhere in the DFW area. In addition to a runway show during the day, participants will be given booth space and the opportunity to vend their wares to attendees. The show will be well publicized and I think you can expect a decent turn-out of potential buyers.

Currently talking with investors and am banking on this being a free-entry show for participants and cheap-attendance show for attendees.

But I can't put on the show if nobody wants to be in it!

So, please - if you're interested or know someone who would be, email me at:


Thanks muchas,

xx apologies for much cross-postage

pajama jacket

I got a silk pajama top for $2 from a local place, and decided to turn it into a sweatshirt-type jacket for the unpredictable late spring/early summer weather around here. Anyone who lives at this latitude knows the type... it's 78 and sunny in the morning, and then two hours later it's thunderstorming and freezing. When I bought it this morning, it was big enough to go camping in, so I hemmed in the sides and the bottoms of the sleeves.

I like it a lot. It's warm and breathable at the same time, and a lot more stuffable and portable than my knee-length leather jacket.
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(this is a repost minus the selling, so if you've already read a cut with the same text recently, yes, it is the same. i apologize for the small ad at the bottom of the previous post, i'm a member of multiple DIY communities, i think i got the rules mixed up...)

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i checked the memories for this, but there's nothing quite what i'm looking for. i'm quite into making jewlery, but i want to srtat dappeling in earrings. i understand the basic idea, and i know what suppies i need for the most part. i'm just wondering, other than a crimp, how do you keep the beads on? like at the bottom, do you just use wire, and bend it so it stays? i tried to figure it out by the way it looks, buyt i'm just not sure.

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