Calzephyr (calzephyr77) wrote in craftgrrl,

Homework A Day...or that's the idea :-D

Hi friends, I finished last semester a two and a half months ago, but I find I'm still catching up on things. I took three classes and it was a lot. A lot! Here is a clock I made early in the winter semester--after that, it was all kind of downhill as I found projects that weren't as time intensive.

The clock is called Timeless since I no longer possess any sense of time, or at least time dictated by external forces. Three of the faces move, but you have to watch for it :-D Portions of the piece were made with old fabric or supplies in the stash.


Here are some more pictures of Timeless from different angles and times of day. Sometimes it looks blue, gold and silver. Other times it looks gold and green or purple. The shadows between the layers are really neat. Click the pic for the whole Flickr gallery.

Tags: clocks, paper crafts

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