Calzephyr (calzephyr77) wrote in craftgrrl,

Fun with Fringes

I found this great intro guide to making fringes! I am taking an entrepreneurship class at art college right now and it's got me thinking about the cost of making things. If you have ever made art or crafts for sale, you're not alone in getting burned in shipping costs and more :\ I love knitting machines and have three of them. They bring the cost of production down a lot, but knitting and crochet are all labour.

I made one shawl that took 7.5hours, and, if I pay myself, minimum wage, would cost $115. I tried a different cast on and cast off method for a second shawl, ensured the needles were well-lubricated and the second one took me 5 hours. The actual knitting was three. Attaching a fringe took two hours. Someone on the Ultimate Knitting Machine group suggesting using pre-bought fringe and I like that idea. But, it also caused me to explore a few other ideas and I came across this concise guide with great pictures for adding fringe to your clothes and projects.

Gold fringe
Tags: clothing altering, knitting, sewing: clothes, sewing: general faq

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