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Golden rainbow lucky number moon trees (Plus a moon-tree crafting tutorial)

So I finally did it; I finished my first (and probably only ever) solid 18k gold moon tree pendant!

I hope that the gold market falls drastically (and soon) because a) it will mean that our economy is doing well, and b) I will get to play with more yummy buttery 18k gold wire! There's really no other wire that feels like it. I've had this wire sitting around for a couple of years, feeling scared of it and looking for just the right stone/s to use with it. Then, on 7/7, this rainbow moonstone called out to me. Do you see the little 7 in the stone? I like the number 7.

Here is my favorite moon tree of all, though:

I wrapped it during the lunar eclipse of June 2010, and had the moonstone cut especially for this tree. It was a magical experience.

Most of my moon trees are crafted during special times, such as full moons and lunar eclipses. This one was crafted during a lunar eclipse which occurred during a full moon in 2009 (it is blue for the obvious reason, and has not been repeated):

I started making moon trees in 2008, and am still not tired of them. It looks really complex and cool, but it is actually quite easy. I get a lot of email from people who want to know how to add a moon to their tree of life pendants, and they are always astonished how easy it is! The secret is that it is not a cabochon, but a flat round bead. All you do is:

1) Make your tree of life pendant as you normally would from a tutorial (google for free tree of life tutorials, and there are also a couple of demos on YouTube) or your own imagination,
2) Place the flat round bead where you would like your moon to be,
3) Run a wire through the flat round bead, and connect each end of the wire to opposite side of your pendant's frame (artistically weave the wire through the tree so that it is hidden as much as possible - this pattern varies according to the size of your tree and your bead)
4) Wrap each wire end around the frame 3 times or more (depending on your design), and
5) Finish your tree pendant as usual.

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