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Craftgrrl Crafts for Charity: Pillowcase Patrol!

Ok craftgrrls! Let's get this going!

We're going to be making pillowcases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and delivering them To Sew Expo's Pillowcase Patrol

LJ has agreed to be the collection point for our pillow cases. So when you are done making them send your package off to:

Craftgrrl Crafts for Charity
c/o LiveJournal Inc.
580 Market St. Ste 500
San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

From there they will be shipped off to mschilepepper who will take them over to Sew expo.

In order to get them there in time the pillow cases must be received no later than 2/22/12.

Here's some patterns/tutorials that were suggested:

If you can't sew but can embroider/cross stitch you can buy a standard size pillow case and beautify it all up.

I'd really like to collect 900 pillowcases which is about a months supply. It's ambitious and probably unobtainable but lets give it a try! Please spread this post far and wide so we can get all the help we'd need to possibly reach that goal.
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