♥ Nomette ♥ (thescarletgypsy) wrote in craftgrrl,
♥ Nomette ♥

Using a Laptop 4 The 1st Time. Hate it, & Hope This Post Works.

So, I'm still here at my Mom's house with my boyfriend after his surgery. The first day I was so bored that I ate all day. I did nothing else but eat. So I thought I'd find something else to fill my time. About two weeks ago I went to a yardsale and found this scrap crazy quilt that someone had started. It had all of these nifty old scraps of fabric in it, and some random crap too.......like a pot holder....WHY???? WHY THE POTHOLDER???? Anywho...I thought I'd square it off, because it was the most random undefinable shape ever, and go from there only using fabrics I already had. The plan, as always with this kind of quilt, is to just let whatever fabric I have dictate how the pattern goes. I try to not buy as much as I can. Livin' on the cheap here, people. The only thing I really bought was the batting for $10.97. So two days later I have this....

I know it's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but at least it kept me busy for two days..... and come winter it should serve to keep me warm.
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