Grygon (grygon) wrote in craftgrrl,

vibration reduction gloves and goggles for dust

For the gals who work with power tools or carving tools- do you wear vibration reduction gloves? I am in serious need of a pair and I am looking for recommendations. Where did you buy yours? Are they comfortable for wearing in warm weather? Did they come in smaller sizes for lady hands?

Googling brings up so many businesses so I thought I'd ask around instead of spending hours or days trying to find the perfect glove. I need mine for carving very hard materials (rocks and bones) with a flex shaft. After 15-20 minutes my hands have HAD IT and needless to say, this really slows me down. I want to work until I'm hungry, not until my hands hurt.

Also- eye shields for DUST. Does anyone wear goggles? Face it, even the closest face-hugging eye shields are no match for dust particles, IMO. Does anyone wear goggles? Again- comfortable for warm weather? Did they come in smaller sizes? And where did you buy them?

I do have a "gold dust collector" that I got a GREAT deal on from craigslist, and while I think that probably suffices for my breathing, I am still worried about my eyes... just the tiniest particle and *scratch* you know?
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