hippieflowergal (hippieflowergal) wrote in craftgrrl,

It's been forever my friends!

Since I posted here that is! I have a ton of new jewelry to post - not sure what you've seen so I'm going to put it all up and forgive me if you've seen it before!

Warning! Very picture heavy!

Custom earrings I made for a friend. I love how they turned out!

Matching necklace.

Copper and lucite flower ring. Swarovski crystal centre.

Swarovski crystal, lucte and sterling silver ring.

Larvikite and copper ring.

Copper and glass ring.

Sterling silver and jade ring.

Spring FLowers - lucite and sterling silver earrings.

Copper and shell earrings.

Milky White - Sterling silver and pearl ring.

Copper and hematite ring.

Lucite flower and leaves ring made with silver and copper wire and a crystal centre.

Lucite flower dangle earrings.

Mini Milky silver and pearl ring.

Copper and glass ring.

Made some fancy bobby pins with small lucite flowers and seed beads glued in the centre.'

Silver and crystal earrings. THe pink crystals are heart shaped.

I love this ring so much! I made it for myself just last night. It is white jade and gold wire.

And I made this one last night too. Blue shell and gold wire too.

Thanks for looking!
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