Electron (little_e_) wrote in craftgrrl,

The Sockapillar

I made him out of socks!

More pics below the cut. (x-posted to We Make Toys)

My 15 month old loved helping out on this one. First we took fuzzy socks and rolled them into balls, which he instantly dubbed 'carcars', due to their similarity to wheels. Then I stitched the balls together, which was a little trickier, but we managed to avoid any catastrophic toddler-needle interactions.

Link was so taken by the 'carcars' that I decided to give the sockapillar wheels for feet.

I tried to sew him a smile, but it came out crooked--oh well, so he is an evil sockapillar. At least he is still cuddly.

Oh noes he is escaping!
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