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Haven't posted here in a while!

Macaronie the Quadrobearis!

Bears already have four legs..What's so different about a Quadrobearis? Nothing! Just that they scuttle rapidly sideways and they can elongate their legs to catch and kill their natural prey, peanuts and jellyfish. You'd think that because they move like crabs, they'd be pretty slow, but you'd be wrong..very, very wrong.

Macaronie is actually more fond of peanut BUTTER as opposed to raw peanuts, and apricot jelly instead of jellyfish. He never developed a taste for those cnidarians, they were just too tangy for his taste buds!


EMO BEAR! For those angsty teen days. A birthday present for my friend Courtney haha

Custom plutchlet! (for those of you who don't know, a plutchlet is a plush wrist/wallet/purse!)

Custom Kiwi Pillow! I was using my hand for comparison, but my arms are pretty short (meaning my hand would be closer to the camera) so my hand ended up making the kiwi seem smaller. Darn my short arms. It's double sided and pretty friggin' big. (...that's what she said.)

Custom violet hippo! The yellow hippo on top is the regular sized hippo! Ridiculously ginormous!
I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish with that piece of paper.

Another birthday present!

Custom tapir! They picked the colors :)

Custom pandasss

Keychain plush! Churned these out in one night!

Itty bitty penguin keychain!

Sheep! For a friend! On the back of one of them has her name :)
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