"we are what we pretend to be" (xnomorehotdogsx) wrote in craftgrrl,
"we are what we pretend to be"

Mossaic coffee tables + wine corks

Hey all,

1) I want to do one of those coffee tables where you glue broken glass/stone/whatnot to the table then add grout-- one person I talked to said they put resin on top of the grout after it dried to make it smooth/shiny. Has anyone made one of these coffee tables? Any tips or hints you have? Resin or no resin?

2) Wine corks-- what can we do with them? My friend has a serving tray made by cutting wine corks in half and then hot gluing them down in a pattern. Does anyone have any experience with this or any good links? If so, how do you reccomend going about cutting the corks down the middle? Any other cool ideas?

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