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acid etching

i acid etch glass & mirrors & with 3 kids i don't have a lot of time to do it anymore (and also no unbroken things i can show you :( i broke my very first piece a couple weeks ago & i can't even blame the kids)

however for my grandmother's birthday my brother asked me to drag out my stuff & etch a few things for her from him/us.

all my life gram has made these wonderful cakes (texas sheet cakes) & when jer was little is was not unusual to see little finger drag marks through the edges of the cakes he could reach.   one day when gram was making a cake she gave jer the icing bowl & said:
jeremy, this is yours (holding the bowl),  THAT is mine (pointing to the cake).
as young as he was he lost interest in the icing pretty quickly (i always thought there was something wrong with him) & left the spatula & bowl sitting on the table.  gram picked them up to was them but (of course) scraped off the rest of the icing & started to eat it.  no sooner had that spatula touched her lips than jeremy appeared out of nowhere...
gamma, DAT is mine (pointing to the bowl)  DIS is yours (pointing to the cake)

and so the 'gamma' bowls for her birthday were born.
they are 2 4qt pyrex mixing bowls.  one says 'gamma, dat is mine' the other says 'dis is yours' in a child-like font i found online somewhere.

if i ever get a chance to do more i will surely post them  :
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