Moon Yen (moons_creations) wrote in craftgrrl,
Moon Yen

Stitch Wars

These pieces will be appearing at the Stitch Wars Show at Bear and Bird Boutique in Lauderhill, Florida

The main four from A New Hope. I didn't make droids. Their sketches looked stupid. (Best to avoid stupid looking when entering an art show.) I need to retake individual photos of these pieces to show off the details, especially on Chewie.

Ootini the Jawa Moon Bun. She likes to play with mouse droids.

Oola the Moon Bun, the Twi'lek dancer from Jabba's palace.
I just had to make her. When rewatching the episodes I realized her lekku would look perfect as Moon Bun ears. Plus I think it's hilarious how sexy turns from "Dang!" to "D'aww" in my style. XD

When deciding on designs to make for Stitch Wars, I kept joking about the video Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) where she says, "Obi Wan, Ghost Obi Wan and Ghost Yoda." I just had to make a Ghost Obi Wan. Everyone needs a ghostly Jedi to show them the way of the force.

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