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My first house!

I closed on my first home on May 1st, and I've been gussying it up ever since. I'm way past due posting my results up here, but I've been posting the results up here:

My goal is to buy as little new stuff as possible as a challenge to my craftiness. So, buying towels to embroider is fine, but I can't use them until they are embroidered. For furniture, it's garage sales, antique and thrift stores.

I still have a lot left to do, but here's what I've accomplished in the last 6 weeks.

There are TONS of pics behind the cut.

Living room before:

Living room today:

I did cheat and buy curtains for the front window, because I just couldn't make them a top priority when I was living out of boxes, and being the neighborhood exhibitionist isn't really my thing. I inherited the couch (which I slip covered, the uncovered pillows are the original fabric. vomit.) and the chair. Pot the plant is in was painted using leftover wall paint from the kitchen. That tiny line on the right is my TV. It's huge.

Left to do - I want to get a new table for the tv that I can put the videos under. Where the picnic basket (my knitting) is, I'd like to put a wine rack that can second as an end table. I'd also like to get an end table that I'll put on wheels. Also, I need something for over the couch. I'm thinking I might embroider a triptych. Maybe...

Also, I need to finish covering the pillows. You can really see the amazing original fabric.

Dining room/kitchen before:

Kitchen after

Kitchen wasn't much work. Just painted the walls (the blue is a chalkboard), made the curtains, knit some washclothes, and embroidered the towels. I'm working on a rug for it, but not really much more to do. Maybe make some magnets.

Dining room is more of place to put the table. I found the end table on Craigslist, the chairs at an antique store, and my mom gave me the table. I made those curtains too. Making curtains is boring.

Craft room before:

Craft room after:

Messy shelves!

I also painted the bathroom, but I hate the color, so it'll be redone. I haven't done a thing to the bedroom yet.

So, what do you think?
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