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Fabric Grocery Bag + Baby Stuff!

This isn't my first, but it is the first one that I didn't just half-ass to have done in time for Christmas! LOTS OF PICS AHEAD

Lol booty-shakin' bananas after This bag is modeled after plastic bags from the store my mother mainly shops at.

I really like this fabric!  I wish it was for me to keep! lol


For size reference - two 2-liter bottles of soda

Also, my friend recently had a baby, so I made her some cute baby things!  I love making baby things!

This is the first quilt I have ever made, so I went with a simple design.  Squares.  lol I even messed that up!

This shows the four different fabrics that I used for the top piece.

This shows the flannel polka dot backing and my favorite apple fabric; picked just for the mom!

On my twin bed for size reference

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