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love is crafting... with a side of cooking :-)

heyy all!

So, recently a friend of mine returned home after a semester in London, and for a welcome-home gift I stitched up a pillow for her.

It was originally just a pink heart pillow, but I went down to Michael's, picked up some felt and cute buttons, scrounged around at home and found an old graphic tee shirt and some ribbon that I used to create my design

Here are the little boot buttons (she loves Victorian style stuff, and frankly, so do I hehe)

And here's the little personalized "tag" I made with my initials :-)

And then, among other things, my newest hobby that I love is cooking and seeing what I can create.  After all, who ever said cooking couldn't be crafty?  So one night, I decided to make my own guacamole.

Here be the guac.  I used pre-packaged guac avocado, garlic powder, chili powder, tabasco sauce, and some chopped up onion, tomato, and fresh garlic.  I basically tossed everything I liked into the bowl and mixed it up. My boyfriend and I ate it all in one night!

I hope you all enjoyed my frivolities!  Thanks for looking and hopefully I'll put up some more stuff soon!  :D

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