Goddess of Potholes and Puddles (smeddley) wrote in craftgrrl,
Goddess of Potholes and Puddles

Felting help!

So I'm trying to felt my Fun Fur Rug (from the Lionbrand website, though mine is all white) and... no felting.

I ran it through the washing machine on hot (and my water heater is set to 'scald'), and I'm not talking about 'very little felting' - I mean none. I've gotten more felting on a test swatch I rubbed with my fingers under running hot water in the sink! I'm worried that with my washer (it's an HE top loader with no spindle - gentle on the clothes, crap for felting, evidently) it's just not going to work. :/ So, without going to a laundromat (I don't even know where any are around here) or pestering my friends ('Oh, uh, hey, you have more of a beat-the-crap out of your clothes washing machine, right? Can I use it?') how can I get this thing to felt?

My options, I think are:

* Throwing it in the dryer - I don't know if this works with intentional felting, but it's how most people accidentally felt sweaters.

* Just keep washing it over and over and over?

* Buying a hand-crank washing machine, loading it with boiling water and some heavy things (like rocks wrapped in fabric) and going for it.

When you don't have a mouth, no one can hear you scream:

And, completed:

(Ravelry page on Sackboy)
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