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How do you store sensitive stuff in a non temperate controlled room with out ruining them?

We have a huge garage, and the heat temp changed dramatically day to day week to week and situation to situation. I noticed that it may be making my rub on transferes reluctant to transfere as easily and it certainly wuold affect all my liquid paints.

Now I can not put them somewhere else, and still use the space they're in as a craft space. So how do I protect them and keep them in the garage?  Could I  get a cheap styrafoam ice box and put them in there, or maybe even a mini fridge, kept really really warm, but not so warm the stuff is bothered?

Also how can I store all my stickers and rub ons and stuff so they're in one spot, but not in a jumble and easilly accessed? I was thinking of putting them in a binder, but then how they'd stay was an issue, and then I thought I'd custom make a holder out of file folders.

Also so I can take pictures of my crafts better and in a more organized way, I am going to build a cuomized photo rack that has tiers, like school photo bleechers did, and that will fold up to be  more compact and put away'able when not in use.

For those of you bugged by me asking so many questions, this is my last one for a long while I prommise and next time I'll try to condence my questions into one the first time, not after being asked or reminded.
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