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I did a test project in regards to the pour on gloss and stickers/.

I  chose a couple of stickers that I didn't care if they got ruined, and then I poured the gloss in and set it up. It's hardeing right now. We'll see what it does in the 74 hours it says it'll take to completely harden, but so far, the stickers do not look to be ruined, or that they w/ill ruin.

I also did a test on a rub on decal, to see if the gloss would damage the decal, and now all I have to do is just keep checking it. I will watch it for several months to see if not only immediat to almost immediat ruin is happening but ruin after say 4 months happens.

I would have pictures for you, right now, but I left my camera in his car and he took it and my shoes, which were also left in his car to work with him
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