Nik (amethyst_heart) wrote in craftgrrl,

Fun and easy "Bride" bag project!

I made a "Bride" bag recently for one of my friends whose wedding I'm in.... well, I bought the bag itself, but I added all the personalized details. This is an easy way to make a personalized bag for someone who has a character they really like.

My friend loves Tinkerbell.

So I bought a cute bag with Tink on it and got to embellishing:

I used iron-ons for the lettering, a folded tulle round held on by a safety pin for the veil, and gold glitter nail polish to make it look like a headband attaching the veil to her bun (it also helped "anchor" the tulle).

I took an extra strip of canvas and glued it over the pin on the inside of the bag to secure it (I didn't have any sewing materials and I wanted it ready to give her the next day when we went dress shopping).

It was really exciting seeing her face light up when she saw it. <3
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