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Using pour on gloss toSeal stickers onto the bottom of porcelain soap dishes, would it work?

Out of the blue today I got the idea to put cute stickers down onto the bottom of the soap dish where the soap sits. I was wondering would pour on gloss  set up against porcelain, and would it seal? Or would you be able to lift it up out of the dish once hardend, because I don't want it to do that I want it to provide a water tight soap tight seal to the edges of the dish.

My other question would be would the stickers interfear in setting up? And would the pour on gloss  ruin the stickers as it sat on the face of the sticker and sat up. I also would consider different kinds of stickers, not all are smooth and flat, what about the kind that are 3d, or felt, or even the puffy ones? Would the type of sticker matter any?
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