Ethora (ethora) wrote in craftgrrl,

Tiny Tree (and giving back to the community)

It's a little smaller than a nickle:

It was a special order for a wedding...awwww! A tree themed wedding - love it!

Anyway, I've been so swamped that I have not yet had time to respond to all of the super helpful comments regarding my last post about this tree:

Now, because this community is so wonderful and supportive, I would like to give this copper and petrified wood tree pendant to one of its awesome members. To be fair, I'm thinking that it should go to someone who posted a helpful comment in my previous thread...sooo...if you posted a helpful comment in that thread AND you would like this pendant, then be the first person to say so here and it is yours!

PS: I can and will remove the spirals if you would like them removed.
PPS: It is a stable piece without the wire across the back (the petrified wood slab is a bead), so I can remove that too if you like.
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