l. jane (crustyshoes) wrote in craftgrrl,
l. jane

Alice Bag.

My cousin asked me to make her a bag and I finally had the time to make it yesterday. I combined and tweaked a few patterns from some sewing books I had to create this one. I haven't made a bag like this before, so it isn't perfect, but I still think it turned out pretty well. I tried out several things I hadn't done before, like pleats and zippers.

The pink Alice in Wonderland fabric is from Superbuzzy. There are little gold accents on some of the black parts, which is really cute. The black fabric is just a cotton twill from my local fabric store. The inside is lined with a black satiny fabric, which I've never worked with before. I was worried it would bunch a lot, but it sewed up just fine. I was toying with the idea of using small black lace around the seam between the Alice fabric and the black fabric, but I think that would have made it too busy.

I used left over Alice in Wonderland fabric to make a zippered pocket inside where she can keep small things like her cell phone and keys. I sewed it into the black cotton twill since it wouldn't have worked on the satiny fabric. I usually make my bags without pockets inside, but they're so handy that I had to try one out.

I had a lot of fun with this bag, so I hope to make a few more in different fabrics.
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