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Socks! (pic-heavy)

Hello, people! I'm a member of this community on a different account, but very rarely participate despite being very crafty - started this account as a dedicated craft blog, so hopefully will be around more. :)

I recently started knitting socks - I started about a week before Easter, I think. These are all the ones I've done since then. They're all from the book Knit Socks. I just got another book, though, and have been checking out patterns online, so should have some variety soon...

Pattern: Shadowbox, modified slightly for shorter leg
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby
Very happy with these socks - and the pictures! In the background there is a duvet cover I made recently, which I'm very pleased with and may post sometime soon. (it's in my journal at the moment, though, if you're interested.)

Pattern: Rock'n'Ribbed, again, modified for shorter leg
Yarn: Wendy Mode Aran
Came out well but not really my style, went to charity.

Pattern: Simple Stockinette
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby and Lion Brand Cotton-ease
This pair was a request from my mom for mother's day - she chose the colors, I swear! (They match her robe, you see.)

Pattern: Simple Stockinette, modified due to dumbness
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites
Yeah, these two don't really match. Different heels, different toes. But, still wearable.

Pattern: Best Foot Forward, modified for longer cuff
Yarn: Wendy Mode Aran
Most complex socks I've done so far, and came out very well. Finished at a gaming session, as you can probably tell from first pic. :)

Pattern: Starter Stockinette
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites
The first socks I did, very bright and very comfy. Get worn all the time now. Ignore the alcohol there. :P

That's all for now! I think I may be obsessed...
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