Back to school!

I'm back at art college, although technically it is a university now. My class is called Selvedge/Salvage. Our first mission is to find some thrift store or used clothes to bring in for upcycling. The instructor showed us quickly how to take apart a shirt and make a new pattern for it. I have some t-shirts and I think I may make t-shirt yarn.

One of the cool things about this class is that it involves material culture. I took a material culture class five years ago and loved loved loved it. Demystifying the how and why of everyday objects is so cool and we especially take clothing for granted. We buy it, we wear it, we wash it, we mend it, we thrift it, we discard is extremely personal. I will be posting on my art blog, but if there's anything interesting, I'll share it here too!

Thrifty Upcycling

This video caught my eye because the thumbnail showed someone ironing toothbrushes. What? Oh, you wacky YouTubers!

I can't say how well some of the ideas work but it's a fascinating video to watch as an iron and wax paper quickly become a motif for the different ideas.


Blue Loom Knit Shawl

I can share this now :-) I made it back in summer for an LJ friend (who is not on LJ so much anymore) for their birthday. However, I thought I would send it from the US when we went to Seattle because it would be cheaper, faster or delayed through customs. I packaged it up but then had a change of heart - what if was pulled aside when it was scanned? So, it went off in the mail once we returned home and it was well received.

The yarn I used is James C. Brett marble chunky. This yarn is light, colourful and good yardage for the cost. IIRC, it took three balls to make and it was knit on a knitting rake by hand.

Striped knit blue shawl

Probably a stupid question, but ...

I want to have a Halloween party and include carving those foam pumpkins you can get at craft stores or dollar stores. Would I need to buy specific carving utensils or would something like plastic knives cut through the foam just as well? It would save a lot of money if I could just get a package of plastic knives instead of trying to get enough carving utensils for each guest to have their own, but I feel like the plastic knives wouldn't cut through the thick foam very well, if at all, and that trying to use them might be a disaster.