Let there be light!

I bought Mom and I a Lumos neck light for Christmas. I was going to buy a cheaper one, the Lizard Light, but a lot of reviews complained about the battery life. This one comes with a USB cable to infinitely recharge and also has three colour temperatures in addition to being totally adjustable. I can't say anything bad about it after a month of use. It's great for dark coloured yarns, as you can see below! This yarn is dark navy.

They had a Black Friday sale, so you may want to stay tuned for other holiday sales! There's no shortage of YouTube reviews if you want to check it out.

Pin loom with dark yarn

Local handmade poppy display

A day late, but better late than never! I was downtown on Friday and snapped a pic of various handmade poppies that adorn the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The knit and crochet poppies--some with buttons for centres and in a hue of reds--were created in 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of armistice. 7000+ poppies make up the display and were contributed by parishoners and people worldwide. Here's a more in-depth story about the poppies.

Handmade poppies hanging from a lamppost

My First Sweater

I bought a flatbed knitting machine a couple of years ago and finally made a sweater on it. I was so committed to the sweater that I have been avoiding starting anything new. I thought it could be completed over Christmas break and maybe it could have if I didn't run out of yarn. This was one time that an emergency trip to Michaels couldn't be made :-D I decided to take my time to learn and make mistakes anyway.

Could artier sweaters be in my future? I think so! A few more adjustments and it will fit hubs perfectly.

You can follow along on my sweater journey on Twitter!

Ooops, I didn't realize Twitter didn't allow free for all viewing anymore :-D

Blue sweater

Also new in my craft room...

I discovered Kiwi Co, an educational toy company, has not only a pair of knitting looms, but a knitting spool as well. It comes with two needs, stitch markers, a pick, and the spool. I discovered the spool unscrews, so you can have two projects on the go :-D Just love the gauge. Anything you can make on the big looms you can make on the knitting spool, I'm sure. It was worth the long way to be shipped to Canada. The knitting looms are a little expensive, IMHO.

You can order them here: and here:

Picture of two samples made with knitting spool along with the pieces

Two new weaving books

Hi everyone, I added a new tag, weaving, because one didn't exist before!

I added two new books to my craft bookshelf this month, Amazing Circular Weaving and Weaving On A Little Loom.

Buying craft books can be a little iffy, so I'm happy to recommend them. Both have good, clear photos, and instructions not only for the projects, but for those new to weaving. You'll be able to get up and running with successful results in no time.

Although I took a class at art college on weaving with a four harness loom, I couldn't master it at all and it left me feeling like I'd never weave again. Turns out I have a lot of enthusiasm for little looms. TBH, anything can become a loom as long as you have something to hold the warp threads. It could be a tissue box, a piece of cardboard or a scrap of wood :-)

Photo of two books referenced in the above post

Friday Funny!

LOL, so true! Are you trying to wrap up any last minute projects?

Image is a of a frazzled looking Cathy thinking "I will knit all my gifts this year!" while the caption reads "The spectacular collision of optimism and delusion in the early December brain".

Cathy cartoon