Soutache Tutorial

I can't believe it's already mid-term. Everyone feels like February--that time of year when students and teachers are so done. Online learning is going great and I have sketches for Project 2 tomorrow due. I don't have the sketches yet, but I'm planning on doing a soutache-like piece. You have probably seen soutache without knowing the name. It's also called Russian braid or tracing braid. The jewelry is formed around a bead or stone and the possibilities are endless. The soutache cord comes in many colours and has a channel down the middle that makes it easy to stitch and shape.


Ultimate Sweater Machine Diary

Hi peeps, if you missed my last video, I bought an Ultimate Sweater Machine. These can still be purchased new, but I understand that they are no longer being made. You might strike out and find them in a thrift store! Anyway, I decided to keep a diary since these machines were around for decades, but also notoriously cranky, hee hee!

I have made two projects on it so far. Stay tuned!