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[sticky post] OMG crafting!

May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Valentine's Day Card Exchange

I had immense fun making these very pink Valentine's cards for a group card exchange. Each pony was hand coloured in different hues - pink, yellow, blue, purple, seafoam. Originally they were supposed to go on the outside, but I whoopsie measured. Still turned out great though! I made a purple one for myself and kept it - when making cards, it's easy to forget to keep a sample.

I made some special Valentine&apos;s day cards this year for a card exchange. I hope they have all been received as it was hard to sit on them so long! Each pony was hand coloured differently - yellow, blue, pink and even seafoam

My wool tapestry

Hi group, I realized that there were a few things over the years that I had not taken photos of and I remedied that. One of them was a wool tapestry. I made a little how-to video using a Martha Stewart loom kit and I may have cross-posted it here, but 2013 was a long time ago! I had it framed under museum glass and it still looks beautiful. Like all fibre folk, I regret not being able to touch it anymore :-)

Fire Escape

Glue Fail

Last night I spent about 2 1/2 hours... deconstructing all but three of the broaches and pendants I had made with glass cabochons and fluid-art sheets, because they were deteriorating. Some were going cloudy, and some were crazed with air-bubbles. (sigh)
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Any suggestions?

Third Times The Charm

This top I have made several times with slightly different variations. I think that this is definitely my favorite version I have ever made with this top. Click the picture below to see more about it:

Christmas chickadee

I just wanted to link to my art LJ where today I am showing off my chickadee Christmas ornaments :-)


Christmas Dress

Merry Christmas!  This is one of my newest projects just in time for Christmas!  You can see more about it if you click the picture!

Christmas Crafts!

Did you make any?

Will you be up all night with your glue gun?

Are you late for this year, but early for next? :-)

Grey Twist

Hello everyone!  This is one of my newest projects!  This is the first burda stye pattern I have ever used and it seems small on me.  Do you all find that when usind burda style patterns you need to go up a size? You can see more about this shirt by clicking on the picture.

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