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Happy crafting!

Some more of my Kitsune Cosplays WIP

Here is daughter's costume in progress. This is the first garment sewing I've done in DECADES. Invisible zipper and everything. All that's left on the dress is some finish work, hemming and the like. She'll have a tail much like mine, but a bit shorter. Am debating about trying to do some hand-held masks. If I can't pull that off, we've got some paddle fans that will serve as props.

Also thinking I might try adding a beaded himo to her haori, although I'm not sure how that will play with the belt. And we do need the belt for the tail.


Fleece coat

Here are a couple of pics of the reversible fleece coat that I made last week. I posted asking about heavy duty needles, you may recall.

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Halloween Costumes

As is traditional with me, I do my best to make the costumes my family wears on Halloween. Last year, my daughter won a costume contest, so that felt pretty good. :)

Here we go with this year"s costumes:Collapse )

EDIT: I updated the tags, but "masks" is not an option. Will an admin be so kind as to add it to the tags, please?

8th Grade Math, revisited

A practical use for all those radius/circumference calculations that we all enjoyed so much.

Made the pattern myself. Crinoline and circle skirt. Drawstring waistbands because I'm lazy and hate working with elastic. Purchased patch.

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Mushroom Dress

mush preview

Here's a dress I recently made. I'm not very practiced at taking photos of myself, I'm usually on the other side of the camera, and it felt very awkward (and that's probably why I look so bad tempered). The remote control only cost £3, and has to be pointed directly at the camera, which doesn't help. It also didn't help that I don't have any space to use the 50mm lens, so I had to use the 28mm, which is really not a good idea around faces, especially if you've recently been having sinus trouble like I have, with the resulting puffy hamster face. None of the photos facing front were at all to my liking, and the ones from the back just emphasised my scoliosis, so you're not seeing those either. I still need to finish off the hem and the sleeve edging, I prefer to slip-stitch those by hand.
I made the pattern myself. I had this vintage dress I bought in 2001 and wore to death. The fabric started disintergrating, so I unpicked it, and traced it to make a pattern. The original had a draw-string neck, which I never liked, so I turned it into a gathered, darted neckline on the pattern. The patterned fabric was a remnant from Fancy Moon, with a lining of plain black cotton from a local place. I only had 1.5m of the mushroom fabric, so I had to be very careful about laying and cutting the pieces to make sure I could match the pattern and fit everything on the fabric. For reference, I'm 5ft8 and medium-sized. If I make another from this pattern with a lining, I'll probably add a little more ease into it.
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Pentagram Harness.

Any DIYers have any ideas on what materials I could use to make this?
I refuse to spend $80.00+ dollars one one when it looks so simple. I kust don't know what type of material that is. It would have to stretch because I don't feel like adding hooks. Anyone ever make anything like this before? I need help, or a link to a tutorial would be nice.

DIY - Studded Collar Cold Shoulder Shirt

Photo 3 nbsp;  Photo 2 (1)

Durin the car ride to Galesburg yesterday, I was reading the newest issue of Seventeen magazine. I came across this shirt in the issue (left). Since the trip was specifically for a day of thrifting, I made sure to buy a cheap blouse that I could reconstruct (shown right)! Do you think I can make a similiar product?! My final product is shown at the end of this post!

The shirt in the magazine look almost identical to several tops have been tempted to buy from Charlotte Russe very recently... buy who needs to buy when you can make your own & have an original, one-of-a-kind product?

I'll show you my instructions to make your own Studded Collar Cold Shoulder Shirt:

What you will need:

- Collared shirt (I used short-sleeve, but feel free to experiment with different sleeve lengths.)

- Seam ripper (or you can use the scissors for this step)

- Iron

- Sewing needle

- Thread to match the shirt

- Scissors

- Sewing pins

- Items to embellish the collar (I used large gemstones and a Bedazzler, but you can use anything from beads to sequins)

- All-Purpose glue to attach certain embellishments to the collar

READ MORE at Jerrica Janeen!

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