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Adventures in Lasercutting

Hi peeps, I will probably write more about this later, but I picked up some lasercuts this week. I found out that a local stationary store offers this service and it took some time to prepare the files as vectors. The paper is Stardream and I also had a sample made in real wood paper. They turned out great! I have a Pazzles die cutter (essentially a plotter with blade) and if the mat isn't stick enough it tends to be a disaster.

The cost worked out to about $2 per piece and I appreciated the time it saved me!

I will probably make a few as 4x6" or 5x7" picture cards for the comic expo that I will be gearing up for pretty right quick!

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" Once upon a time...
She remembered nothing more until she awoke and found herself in a beautiful meadow, full of sunshine, and with countless flowers blooming in every direction. "

Carefully placing petal by petal, leaf by leaf I came to this beauty that is designed just for you. I work with a very thin needle, applying every detail, some of my details are less than a millimeter.
The diameter of the earring is 20mm.
Polymer clay cabochon is placed in a beautiful real gold plated copper setting.

Felt Goodies - Part (1): Boxes

Hey you awesome community! Been following this place for a while and finally decided to post my first entry. I mainly work with felt. Its flexiblity makes it easier for me to work with. Here's my first work of goodies.

The idea is making stuff with felt only and not using any kind of fillings. So far I made cellphone covers and boxes, it's hard just to use the materil alone but the results are awesome. I'm planning to making more stuff, but the coming ones will be big items unlike these.

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A heart shaped boxed with crystals and a bow <3
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I'm loving the fruit cake and the slice of cake the most.
What about you!?
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So Christmas of 2014 I got a "Learn to Knit" starter kit and a "Learn to Crochet" kit. Both kits come with starter tools and instruction booklets, but neither came with yarn.

I want to go for something cheap (in case I totally knot up my yarns) but I have no idea what would be a good basic yarn for knitting and crocheting. Are there sizes of yarns? How do I choose?

Thanks in advance.
leviosa2016, a non-profit Harry Potter, YA Lit and Writing conference will be held July 7-10, 2016 and will be held at Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Henderson, NV (10 minutes from downtown Las Vegas).

Currently, we have a CALL FOR PROPOSALS going on for our six different tracks: Creativity, Academic, Fandom, Young Adult Literature, Writing, Slash & Queer Lit.

Our programming is programming provided by attendees, ordinary people who are attending Leviosa.

What sort of programming are we looking for for our Creativity Track?

HP fandom is a creative bunch, and the Creativity Track will celebrate all facets of fan expression–fanfiction, fan art, crafts, cosplay & more.  And we're not just about Harry Potter, we are welcoming all fandoms: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, etc. to present and represent.

We've already had the FIrst Round Call For Proposals, and this is our Second Round of Proposals.  You can view some of the tracks we have based on programming we've schedules from First Round submissions:

Stich & Witch

Leader: Krista Domin

This is a workshop where you bring what you are working on and we can all craft together. Open to all crafters from knitting, crocheting, felting to painting, drawing and even spinning. We will have people on hand who can help you with projects too!

Make your own paper wand!
Leader*: TBD

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your own magical wand–all you need is a sheet of paper, a glue gun and some paint to craft your own swish & flick accessory. A fun craft project for cosplayers, parents & kids alike. Workshop attendees will leave with their very own hand-crafted wand!

*Calling paper wand craft experts! Does this sound up your alley? Let us know if you’d like to lead this workshop!

Fanart Coasters
Leader: Cheryl Dyson

Turn your favorite Harry Potter fanart into stylish tile coasters. Creativity Track Director Cheryl will show you how, and all workshop attendees will leave with tiles to take home. A selection of fanart, tiles and all supplies will be provided. If you want to use a specific piece of art, print it out and bring it with you to the workshop.

So you wanna write crack fic?
Leader: Krista Domin

Aspiring writers & humorists a like: join us for a cracktastic workshop on writing crack fic. Bring your works in progress, or come with a blank slate and we will help you write the best bad fic possible!

Plus I also know there has been Second Round Call For Proposal submissions featuring a Harry Potter Christmas ornament workshop, a book paper flower/rose workshop, HP theme shaped (cats, frog and owls) bath bomb workshop, a "laminate your own fandom pin badge or frig magnet" workshop, and a "laminated fandom placemat" workshop.

SUBMIT HERE: http://leviosa.org/submit-programming/

If you are interested in attending Leviosa and would like to run a workshop, panel or lecture on some creative topic, Leviosa would love to have you submit your proposal.


For more information about Leviosa, click here: http://leviosa.org

Quick FYI: Leviosa is being held at a hotel with the conference center in the same place, hotel room and conference center is a very sort walk between the two.  Leviosa has a hotel group rate for Leviosa attendees of $135/night King and $155/night for Double Queen.

Simple PJ Shorts and a Puppy!

Raising a new puppy while trying to get a sewing schedule is tough, but I managed to squeeze out a small project! Come and check it out as well as my puppy Kylo by clicking on the picture below!

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