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To Stampin Up or not...

Hi peeps, I think I'm going to lose my mind and become a SU demonstrator for the discount. I forgot that the new catalog comes out in June and I was able to get some discontinued items before the May 31st deadline. There was a time that I didn't think I would be able to spend enough to make the minimum, but after that order, I think I could. Has anyone ever done SU, Creative Memories or Close to My Heart?

Plarn tote bags

These bags were made by me using plastic bags. Some bags were from grocery shopping and other were used new just for the color.
I take the bag and cut it into strips. Then use these strips as yarn (plarn). You can find this technique in details on youtube, they have a lot of videos.
You can make different kind of items using plarn like hat, tote, backpack, key chain, placemat, bath rug and so on...

I show you my finished work here. Any questions about technique you are welcome to ask :)

Water bottle tote with a charm.

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Pazzling Around

Hi peeps, I have a digital die cutter and made some new cutting files for it lately. I started posting a few for sale on Etsy and all of them have sold at least once so far :-) My newest one is all about parrots. I really feel like I'm finally getting the most out of my machine, which I have had for years. I hung up a couple of the samples on my kitchen wall already :-D

Pazzles Parrot Cutting File

New Baby Owl Cards

Hi group, I think I posted about this last year or the year before that - I made a card for the country fair in 2014. Then in 2015 I made it into a digital download. Now in 2016, I finally had some professional pictures taken :-D It was money well worth it as the photographer took photos of all my cards in 2 hours, something that would take me all day! He had the time, studio, space and backdrops. This was done in February and I'm finally actually posting the photos online.

I just have time for this one today:

Welcome Little One New Baby Card

Even though there's so much DIY advice for taking photos, you never can go wrong with hiring professional help sometimes :-)

Felt Goodies - Part (2): Cell Phone Cases

The first part of this topic was posted in March, you can find it in this link [here].

Continuing with same idea here, making stuff only using felt without any filling. The first post was for boxes and this one will be for cell phone cases. Something a bit smaller, but the details took most of the time.
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Спящий Остров

Лето-море-приключение. Время баламутить океаны и будить спящие острова.
Это работа о драконе, одном из древних Хранителей, который спит под толщей воды. За тысячелетия он оброс кораллами и стал островом.
Я думаю о том, что мы видим только то, что лежит на поверхности. Вот: море, а тот, кто живёт в глубине, невидим и огромен. Возможно, только раз в несколько миллионов лет он стряхивает панцирь из кораллов и песка, поднимается на поверхность, одним взмахом хвоста приводя в движение тектонические плиты, - и тогда мир меняется. Но такое бывает очень, очень, очень редко. По-моему, ему больше нравится быть островом.


Миниатюрная роспись маслом
Агат 8,6 х 3,9 см
Кожаный шнур 47 см
фурнитура - серебро 925

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There are spaces left on the medieval appliqué and medieval embroidery courses next weekend. Scroll down to p22


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