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Tribal Tunic

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Tribal Tunic
Hello! This tunic I made way back in 2010! If you want to see more like it you can click HERE!

Guess Who's Back:

So glad to see this community is still around! It's been a long time! Here's some of the stuff I've been up to since I last posted... years ago? I don't THINK any of these are reposts, but honestly, I've been gone so long do any of you even remember my stuff? XD
Crochet, Bows, Wire, Beads, and Fairies:Collapse )

That's all for now, but you can, of course, click over to my LJ to see more and find me other places, if that's your bag. Happy crafting guys! :D


Saloon Girl Costume

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Saloon Girl Costume
Hey Everyone! This is my saloon girl costume! If you want to see a detailing as to how it was made you can see it HERE!

Dance Team Kimonos

Hello! I am in the process of making 13 of these for a dance team commission of mine! You can view more about this and see more pictures at my blog HERE!

From Sketch to Dress

I made this dress for a client of mine, I made it completely from scratch, no pattern at all!!
If you want to view more of this dress, or how it was made, you can view it HERE

Cute Fit and Flare

Hello! I'm new to livejournal but not new to blogging. I just wanted to share a dress I made a couple months ago! Let me know what you all think! You can see more pictures of it at my blog here!

Aug. 1st, 2015

Это украшение сделано из полимерной глины, использованы детали часового механизма и ручная миниатюрная роспись.

Здесь будет посвящение.
Есть порода людей, вымирающий вид: с уникальной неспособностью портить отношения с кем угодно. Отличительная такая черта. Пока мы, простые смертные, наращиваем ядерный потенциал, или страдаем звёздной болезнью, они приводят в гармонию всё, чего касаются. Я знаю одного такого. И вы узнаете его по этой штучке на шее. Если встретите, знайте, что Вам очень повезло.

Тот, кто смягчает углы

This adornment is made of polymer clay, parts of clockwork including hand-painted miniature.

There will be a dedication.
There is a breed of people, endangered species: with an unique inability to spoil relations with anyone. Kind of a distinctive feature. While we - mere mortals - are increasing nuclear capacity or suffer from star fever, they bring into harmony everything they mentally or physically touch. I know of one such people. And you'll recognise her for this little thing on her neck. If you meet her, know that you are very lucky.

The One Who Softens The Angles


Ещё фотоCollapse )

A sun theme selection of bead works

This summer appeared to very warm which inspired us to make a short review of the beaded suns this week!

Оригинал взят у biser_info в Тема солнца в бисеротворчестве
во многих местах лето выдалось жарким, что и дало нам тему на эту неделю - солнце из бисера во всех его проявлениях!

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