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Housewarming Card

My friends bought a new old house and invited us to their housewarming last weekend. I whipped up this card in about an hour before we left for the party.

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Hello :)

I've been working on new tags, I think I've drawn 100 cats. I've also been fusing plastic bags together to make mailers. It takes about 8 bags to make a mailer. Here's a video, you can get the idea. Have any of you ever made your own packaging?

Pictured Above: Hand drawn tags

A bunch of dance studio separates!

Originally posted by samssignaturese at A bunch of dance studio separates!
Hello everyone!  I just completed a whole bunch of dance studio alterations and re-fashions.  Pictured is just one of them, there are a couple more if you follow the link.  I forgot to take several more pictures of other completed ones, but come and check out these! http://samssignatureseams.com/2015/11/02/awesome-dance-team-separates/

Elder Scrolls Uriel Septim VII Costume Update

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Elder Scrolls Uriel Septim VII Costume Update
Hello!  Here is the full costume I started this past month.  Come and check it out at my website.

Paige's Bear

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Paige's Bear
This bear was made for Paige out of her recently passed friend's shirt.  More info at: http://samssignatureseams.com/2015/10/27/paiges-memorial-bear/

October Cross-Stitch Update

Wow, here we are at the end of October already. The end of the year is - distantly - in sight. I got a fair bit of stitching done this past month. I’m planning/hoping to complete all the ‘crosses’ on p. 2 of the pattern, and perhaps get a start on the back-stitching, by Thanksgiving. We’ll see how that goes. Coming up to the holiday season is always so busy - we’re hosting the family for Thanksgiving, I need to have half my gifts bought and wrapped by the week before Thanksgiving so hubby can take them when he goes home for deer season, and I like to have my Christmas cards ready to mail on December 1st. On top of that (because my plate is never too full…) I’ve started working on a set of new side banners (NOT cross-stitched!) for the sanctuary at church. At least those are on my on schedule; they have no due date. But I will keep stitching in all the extra time I can find. I’m loving Fire Goddess and can hardly wait to get her done and framed. My goal is to have her up on the wall next to Winter Fairy by Christmas 2016. Keep tuned! Meanwhile, here is where she is so far.

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Wicked Witch of the West Guards

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Wicked Witch of the West Guards
Hey Everyone!  JUst finishing up the last of the dance team costumes!  This is still for the wizard of oz dance!  Click on the photo to see the info on these costumes!

My Galaxy Dress

Hello everyone!  I just went to my fourth wedding this past weekend and of course had to make myself a new dress! You can check out how I made it HERE!


Hi everyone! I made some halloween pendants to share! I took my handmade glass opals, and put black silhouettes within the glass. Hope you like em!

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