I crochet a pair of booties for a pair of twins' birthday, using this pattern:

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The frogs were to pattern, and the bears are my own alteration (the basic boot in brown, with ears from the inner ear pattern for her field mouse, and embroidered details).
I posted a picture of the finished booties on the Hopeful Honey Facebook page (as it asks on the blog), but she took them down . . . I'll just show them off here, I guess!

I gave up shopping at Michaels because my house was starting to look like one. But alas, I still get sucked in because Michael's is conveniently located next to a pet store and I had to get bird food. I would just pop in to see what was new, sure, sure...

Happily I didn't spend too much. I went around thr scrapbooking aisles and noticed that the Inkadoo stamping gears were on clearance. The big set still seemed pricey, but the small circle and square were $13.99 Cdn each. I grabbed them!

Each one came with four foam backed stamps. Naturally I dived into my stash for a horse shaped one. The results were very good:

There is a wee bit of wiggle room when stamping down the paddle by the way. The next day I tried a real design with some Stampin Up stamps. Non-backed cling stamps don't work as well by the way because they aren't thick enough.

I totally see more stamping in my future. I have loads of stamps but never seemed to be able to get really creative with them before.

Hi peeps, just wanted to share my photos from the Festival of Quilts. It was a gorgeous day and the park was packed. It was really difficult to get pictures - we were there first thing in the morning, but it probably would have been easier to wait until after lunch! I avoided the marketplace and resisted buying any new fabric :) Click the picture for more.

Festival of Quilts, Heritage Park

Apr. 30th, 2015

Medieval lady and squirrel embroidery

( and some whinging, but you can ignore the whinging)

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