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Road trip crafts for adults?

What's your favourite road trip crafts? I have been trying to Google some up, but all I get are things to keep the wee ones entertained :-)

Edit: I found a small weaving project that will fit the bill!

ShamanCats. My catpaintings

This is work in progress - pendants and brooches with acrylic painting.
I using Pebeo acrylics, Novol varnish, Pebeo Prisme, Pebeo Resin, Idea Patina, metal leaf.

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Something for women to try

As far as I know, women mostly keep their jewellery in boxes. But I believe that the best way to keep it is a holder. I've searched for a jewelry holder in Internet, but the ones I found were either too girly or too expensive. So I've decided to make one by myself:) You'll see how it will work out.

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Sometimes I make less dorky videos :-D

I made a video today after doing lots of experimenting and video watching yesterday. I am trying to perfect my set up for the camera - instead of putting the camera between me and the work area, I took a suggestion from another crafter and put the tripod on top of my desk. The downside is that the video is upside down and rotating it can look a little funny. I may get a monopod or something called a lazy arm for my cell phone. Still, it's a huge improvement over my other videos. I finally made a title card too! And managed to bribe my bird so that he's quiet most of the time :-D

Sometimes I make dorky videos

Just showing off some fun things that I got in the mail from Stampin Up. It took me a while to make a video because my birds kept...being birds :-D

What to do when your wardrobe has no doors

Оригинал взят у basement_door в What to do when your wardrobe has no doors
Once upon a time wardrobes had doors and keys. Every little case had its own key and people hired a spesial person, who knew which key to use for all the doors in the house. Nowadays it seems like such a waste of time. Life goes much faster and wardrobe doors become more and more like a relic of the past.

So what do we hide behind our doors?

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Kupol from IKEA

Hi peeps, it's been raining cats and dogs all afternoon and evening, perfect for cleaning the craft area!

Here's a picture of the Kupol box I mentioned in my previous post. I found the printer cart years ago at a yard sale for free or cheap. I thought about thrifting it, but had a flash and stowed it under my desk. It had become a home for random things, so I put my 12" scrapbooking boxes inside. As you can see, there's lots of room fory Spacemaker boxes too. Genius!

The clear plastic drawer on the bottom is the Kupol box, no assembly required! It fits perfectly and there's still room for more stashing. It came with some plastic dividers but I didn't really need them.

Picture under the cut as the LJ app is horrible for uploading pics.

Lastly, I bought a Rogbert swivel chair to replace my old kneeling chair (which someone picked up for free). The kneeling chair wasn't a good way to use an L shaped desk. The only downside is that I will have to make a sit upon as it is freezing cold in the basement!

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Crafty storage from IKEA

Hi peeps, I am once again cleaning up my craft area after a few years. I have been destashing a lot. I'm almost 40 and there are some things I am pretty sure I am not going to get to in this lifetime ;) We have a nicely curated Mennonite thrift store in town and I have been giving craft stuff to them. They have a great craft and fabric section and it's tempting enough for me not to shop there :D

Anyway, we endured a trip to IKEA yesterday. I wanted to get some under desk storage. I have this lovely L shaped desk downstairs but because there is a railing for hanging files underneath it, every little file cabinet is just a wee bit too small.

But luck was with me and I found these cheap little metal carts called Lennart for $14.99 Canadian. Just the perfect size and the three drawers hold letter sized paper. I bought two and assembled them tonight. They were easy to put together, but I goofed the first time around. The drawer bodies are one big piece of metal and you fold the sides up. I folded mine the wrong way so they couldn't hang in the frame. Doh! Fortunately I was able to take them apart. I was really surprised that I could do this :D

These little carts are cute and have two wheels, so they can be mobile. They could be laid down in the trunk of a car too! I don't know what I will put in them yet. I kind of want to jazz then up by weaving yarn through the holes for a fun look.

The other thing I bought is a big drawer called Kupol. Originally I was going to get a Samla box, but this was better. See, I have this old printer cart with one shelf. It was always in the way and overloaded with craft supplies on top. Then I got the idea of pushing it under my desk where it sticks out a little and is just barely tall enough. I pulled out everything that was piled inside and stacked my 12x12" Iris paper boxes in there instead. I didn't want to pile things under the cart, so I was thrilled to find this Kupol box.  Things won't get dusty :)

There are lots of different sized Kupol boxes, but because IKEA was starting to frazzle us, I just grabbed it and went. It was a little price at $26, but no assembly required :) You could get a bunch of units and stack them too!


Jun. 20th, 2016

Hi crafty ladies!
I made a bunch more of my handmade glass gems recently, and wanted to share a few of my favorites. I made a big ol' collage so you don't have to scroll. Also I think you can click on the image to make it bigger. I also have a kitty model that snuck into a few of my pictures.

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