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Green Starburst Dress

Hello, I am really excited for this next dress. I made this with leftover fabric, there wasn’t too much left otherwise I would have liked to make sleeves. But you can see more if you click the picture below.

Self Drafted Box Pleat Skirt

 Hello again!  I drafted this box pleat skirt all on my own with no pattern!  I am really really happy with how it all turned out!  If you want to see how I made it you can check out my blog by clicking the picture.  The next box pleat skirt I make I will make a tutorial on how to make them!

Puppy Kennel Covers

Hello!  I made this smaller kennel cover for my puppy sitter!  She is awesome!  the front flap does come down if the puppy wants more privacy.  To see more about this, you can click the images below!  For the next time I make a kennel cover, I think I'll do a tutorial about how you all can make them too!

Workin' Knit

Hello!  I am so proud of this dress!  I have been needing to update my work wordrobe lately and I am so happy to add this addition.  I got the fabric from Joanns in the clearance section about 4 years ago.  You can click on the picture if you would like to see more about this dress or my puppies!

Barroque Pearls

I recently went on vacation to my fave place - Hainan Island in China and bought some pearls like I always do. Can't help it - when I see pearls, I need to buy some! :)  Now I have more projects to do!

Since I came back from my vacation I made some necklaces, sold a couple and posted others
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Flower Work Shirt

I have finally found the time to finish this shirt! Between getting 2 new puppies and a new job while being promoted within 3 months. I have been very busy and I am really happy to finally be sewing again!

I used Vogue 8772 and some clearance fabric I got from Joann’s. If you want to see more about the shirt, or the puppies, you can click on the picture below!

A Pup of Color

Hello!  I know it's been a long while since my last post, but I have reciently gotten another new puppy.  Her picture is below.  But while I have been watching the olympics I was able to make myself a new necklace and have been attempting to get some sewing projects ready!  Below is the necklace I made and if you click on it you can see some new pictures of my puppies as well!

Floss stash inventory

After being enticed by yet another Joann’s 4/$1US DMC embroidery floss sale (through 6 Aug, and requires a coupon). I decided to actually look at what I had first before shopping. What I actually have is a mess!

I found a Google docs DMC floss spreadsheet inventory list and started sorting. In 6ish hours of on-and-off sorting, I have inventoried all my floss in skeins, and a couple of boxes of wound floss (I think I still have about 6 boxes of wound floss to go through). What I have discovered so far is that:

  • There are some colors I really like (3 or more skeins).
  • I don’t need to buy black, white, or ecru for a very long time.
  • Dye lots change significantly over the years (some of my older floss is probably three decades old, but even skeins of the same color number purchased more recently are very different).
  • I don’t really like loose skeins in bags, and I don’t like having to reorganize the wound floss in the typical storage boxes, as adding bobbins takes a lot of work shifting around the existing bobbins. (I think what I’d really love is the wooden DMC skein boxes)
  • I won’t be taking advantage of the sale this time around!

Does anyone have a storage solution that they really like? Do you prefer skeins or bobbins, and why?

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Road trip crafts for adults?

What's your favourite road trip crafts? I have been trying to Google some up, but all I get are things to keep the wee ones entertained :-)

Edit: I found a small weaving project that will fit the bill!

ShamanCats. My catpaintings

This is work in progress - pendants and brooches with acrylic painting.
I using Pebeo acrylics, Novol varnish, Pebeo Prisme, Pebeo Resin, Idea Patina, metal leaf.

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