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Creative Bookcases for Kids Room

Looking for bookcases for kids room is not difficult, there are many special bookcases for children available in the market. You’ll also get some benefits with a bookshelf for kids. Reading for children starting at a young age is a great way to feed their minds. Read more at

Contemporary and small home decor ideas

How to make your small room be more functional and useful can actually be confusing and frustrating at the same time especially if you badly need more space. Take some time to read these decorating small home on a budget so that even if your budget is a little low. Read more at http://homedcorhq.com/contemporary-and-small-home-decor-ideas/

Best of Narrow Bathroom Vanity

Narrow bathroom vanity is simply straightforward protest that you can apply, yet it has the astonishing appearance that can enhance your bathroom flawlessly. Indeed, it has numerous points of interest that you can acquire. Right away, you will find that narrow bathroom vanity can ensure the presence of your home ornamentation from dust and scratch. Read more this article at

Stand Alone Bathtubs Modern Design

Modern bathroom cannot be separated from the bathtub and people should choose the right bath tub which can support their bathroom design. Among the bathtubs offered in the market, stand alone bathtubs should be considered as the bath tub which will be placed in the modern bathroom
read more at http://homedcorhq.com/stand-alone-bathtubs-modern-design/

The Girl Mechanic Book Review

Every now and then I find this book on my book shelf and every time it feels like the moment I found it at the bookstore back in 2009. This sturdy, pocket sized manual is many things - how to book, pattern book and a peek into people's lives and hobbies from the pages of Popular Mechanics. In some ways it's not a proper "craft book" as the patterns are quite small, but the ideas are often sound. As with many vintage craft and recipe books, the materials may have been renamed or are not as readily available today. You might have guessed that there is a "boy edition" but I'd be willing to bet that it is as gender neutral as this book.

I was surprised to see that the text invited girls to saw and craft with their parents help. The variety of crafts, toys and games is pretty astounding and I wish my parents had been more the maker type to build a few things from this book like the basement golf course or weaving loom. From braiding to mold casting, doll houses to a full size backyard merry go round, I can only imagine how many hours of fun these plans provided.

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Resining in the Ultraviolet

Hello! I am glad that I found this community, since I am always playing with new crafts - I can't stick to just one - and most places just focus on one craft alone. My most recent craft obsession is resin. I used to be scared of resin. All I knew about it was that a) store-bought resin cabochons were boring and/or ugly, b) it was messy, c) there were nasty chemicals involved, d) you had a limited time to work with the stuff before it got hard, and e) resin crafters were obsessed with bubbles.

Then I discovered UV resin.Collapse )


Over time I discovered that I created a good collection of fascinators. Ones I started to make my head pieces and could't stop :)
Please contact me if you have any questions on making or purchasing some of my pieces.

To make these pieces I used wide head bands. Trip to craft store gave some ideas: I got birds, butterflies, berries, ribbons...
Whatever you plan to make hat or fascinator, it has to have very light weight. Then you play with your details and create a composition. Once you finish, use a glue gun to place things on your band. When you done with your composition you may glue a nice bow on the back.

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Christmas Crafts

Hey peeps, what are you up to for Christmas crafts? I made about two dozen handmade cards to friends near and far. Usually I'm so behind that I send out New Year's cards :-D I'll post the pictures after Christmas as I remembered to save two for myself.

On Tuesday I gave out about 45 hand stamped bells to my co-workers. I used a bell file I designed (here on Etsy) to cut six bells to a 12x12" sheet, then stamped them with a striped background stamp and added a sentiment on a punched circle. I threaded gold thread through each one. My original plan was to thread Hershey's kisses onto each one, but that would have taken forever and make everything a tangled mess anyway! Most everyone appreciated their bells and it was nice to see them hung up around the office.

Making flat bell cards with my SVG file.

How to tip the ends of coated wire?

So I'm planning several more of my plushie projects. For one of them, I'm using some black-coated copper crafting wire to fashion glasses frames, but I don't want the ends to be sharp and end up digging into the cloth. Is there something I can stick on the tips of the wire to round it off and prevent that? It's 16 gauge wire, if that helps any.


Greeting cards

I did a summer greeting card exchange with another LJ group and realized I hadn't shared here. These were a challenge to make - and I made five!

Brown sugar commercial cardstock
Pink copy paper
Vanilla cardstock and copy paper
Best Birds stamps and dies plus woodgrain background, Stampin Up
Flower border and walnut ink by Martha Stewart
Pink flowers with an old Sizzix die

I regret doing the flower border. The border isn't meant to be standalone, so I trimmed it from the piece of paper that I punched on. Uggghh! I hope the cards were well received!

And there was finally craft time! Made a bunch of cards for a community card exchange.

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