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okay! i need help pricing something! i've never made blankets for people before but i have two requests for blankets now. one person isn't even sure she's going to buy it, and the other person gave me the date she needs it done by, colors, the pattern, size, the works! it's definite. she said just to let her know a price for it when i get one figured out and she offered to pay what i need up front for supplies and stuff like that. super easy client to work with, thank goodness. :')

so anyway, she gave me this for the pattern: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/special/soft-cream-zigzag-crochet-baby-blanket/12869

such a pretty blanket. it needs to be a twin xl (still trying to find accurate dimensions) and needs to be done by july (thank goodness i have lots of time) because that's when whoever she's giving it to gets deployed. she gave me three colors to use for it. the stitches are pretty basic so that's awesome but i will have to learn the shell stitch and also customize the size of the blanket. also, i am TERRIBLE at reading patterns.. i'm a visual learner. so i'm a little intimidated but know i can figure it out if i try enough. also not to mention the 2mm crochet hook. so tiny :|

i'm searching etsy right now for prices on twin size or twin xl crocheted blankets to get some ideas for a fair price for her. if you guys could help me out, please do! i want to make sure i give her a fair price. right now i'm thinking anywhere from $100-$150 which is kind of vague.. but how far off am i? I haven't really done many custom orders before and what i have done has been like, headbands.

please help! and thank you so much!


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